Thursday, September 27, 2007

Man up, the Army's not as well trained as before.

In good news, the army is ramping up its expansion. Bad news is the US Military standards are sub-par because its recruiting efforts aren't going well. READ HERE!

The new push will be: Once in the Military, Stay in the Military.

Hey maybe I should sell the US Government that slogan!

Don't get me wrong, our freedoms should be protected but I think the lower recruitment rates are indicative of failing confidence in the White House' s war.

Sure we all know that Pres. G.W.Bush has stirred the hornet's nest of fundamental radicalism. Don't worry Mr. President, we understand that there are nut jobs out there willing to strap bombs to their flesh just to take a few more infidels out and score some virgin points in Paradise.

Maybe just maybe your old boy ways have got you in way over your head.

No amount of oil money or piece of desert is worth the hell you've invoked. Apparently you don't understand that violence breeds violence. Radicalism dies out with Education; but now instead of having a small group of inter-tribal fighters pissed off about arms deals and oil diplomacy, your "big dollar $tick" mentality has tainted relations with the Muslim faith! (Crowd cheers...not)

Let's be realistic here, its time to take off the training wheels, kick the bird out of the nest. Sending tens of thousands of our young people over there cannot prop up a fledging democracy forever. Withdraw and put that spending money where it belongs on its own soil.

Funny how politicians can justify spending $190 billion dollars on some foreign war while drumming up a debt of over $161K per person in the U.S.

We can't even afford health care (consumer report here) and more latinos and blacks are in jail than in school.

Our health care system is corrupted by high prices while the government moves a large number of troops overseas and leaves us under supported at home.

Bring'em home and shore up our defenses.

Education is the only way to truly eradicate fundamentalist thoughts. As worldwide communication increases, ignorance loses its stranglehold on the mind.

Mr. Ridley Scott's Blade Runner: technically true

Has Mr. Scott got it right?

Technically we are all androids of electrical signal pulses felt through our nervous systems and are birthed with a basic set of innate survival programs.

The adoption of additional programmed responses occurs over timed existence. Is there an origin program?

Keeping topical, the man is quite intelligent and Harrison Ford has always fit the role well. I am looking forward to seeing The Final Cut version.

Wired magazine has a great interview with him HERE.