Tuesday, May 25, 2010

delayed gratification

Life really is about delayed versus instant gratification.

Material acquisition is a delicate balance, a fine line to walk within your being.

To have is to hold. How you hold things is important and will lead to happiness or not.

The frenetic pace of our lives tempts us with instant gratification...often short-lived.

I ask you this: is long-term happiness the goal?

Then we must weather our emotional storms and fight the urge to owN, oWN, OWN, OWN! MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE!

Only a fool does not see that the current rate of resource consumption will lead to scarcity, changes in the weather patterns, and if continued, drought, famine, disease and finally death of species.

Being happy is the goal and true happiness comes from letting your desires cool off and gleaning their lessons over time.

Desire has its proper time and place. You are here to find the proper channeling of your desires. May they lead not to destruction or demise.