Friday, November 27, 2009

Moving between spheres of chance,
our hearts alight on love's ether.

There lies a joy incomparable. A superior way of being
beset upon by the sublimest discretion
leading the narrowest paths to freedom.

Please keep in mind, loves divine.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

is there spirit hovering just below the surface

"Your body is your temple, your one and only temple. You are living in the holy places of the tabernacle of the most high" Midnite, Love the Life You Live

random relatively recent shots

Lovely ladies leaving Victoria, B.C.They grow'm big in the Hoh Rain Forest
Blue Glacier, Mount Olympus, WA
oh my little artichoke! oh my corn sweetems!
dost the bell toll?
beautiful nuptials under Cathedral Peak, Yosemite

Sunday, May 17, 2009

lust o' Arjuna

Topically, it occurs to me that our sexuality has not come to terms with its power.

Throughout history humanity has struggled with how to handle lustful urges. Like most things it has always been an issue of control versus freedom. Restrained ways of the past gave birth to revolution in the sixties. And now some believe they can achieve a transcendent mind through sex and sex alone.

Returning to reptilian brain impulses and quieting the integrated higher minds is in direct contradiction to our evolutionary increase in brain size and thought complexity.

The fulfillment of sensory gratification carries psychological and physical consequences.

Conclusions drawn through repetitive behavior induce habituation which can promote greater understanding or introduce confusion.

Sensuality must be liberated from base sexual desire fulfillment; it has been mislabeled too long, usurped by those with only baseless lust in their eyes.

We are all sensual, it is a function of our species which provides us feed back between our inner and outer worlds. Sniff. Touch your toes. Close your eyes. Listen to the music.

Being sensual is matter of exuding confidence and need not result in action.

In the future fit, happy people will exude loads of sensuality but will restrain their passions. This will be their success because history has taught them that respect of proper boundaries yields transcendent awareness.

Set loose from repressive conceptions, sexually liberated individuals will live passionate lives in dedicated relationships. Like a delicate flower love awakens in the soul of lifelong lovers. Sacred communion requires significant time and effort and yields exponential soul growth.

Be not deceived by lust for anything. Awaken through moderation, the harder
but higher road.

Communally the higher road less traveled must become a vast highway traversed by we the happy all.

Monday, May 11, 2009

recessionary woes

for progressive refinement of the species it is in the best interest of the universe to present challenges.

challenges force us to confront our holdings.

that which you hold constricts your lungs with thought overwrought

deep challenges must be met with a force beyond confidence
...a shear strength of will committed to confront the lesson to learn from its ebb and flow

rise UP when time calls

join together your spirit and your actions

loving yourself requires an honest assessment of healthy values held and exerted

you love others by respecting their boundaries

love draws relationships t-o-g-e-t-h-e-r...together

free your talk of mindless chatter, learn to communicate deeply and truly

in love's communion there is strength

Monday, March 16, 2009

peak performance : musing on men's group

intrepid warriors keep the faith
frugal times present many lessons

seek the wholeness that is you

become that wholeness through integration
of your student/ teacher states

free your communication of friction
with genuine respect and bridled truth

flow freely between dedicated action and true listening
character develops in its purest form this way

fret not the opinions of naysayers
stay true to higher ideals

empty yourself of expectations
then set some of your own

learn to live in resonance with your surroundings
recognize dissonance immediately

there exist places where men can talk freely
can confront their history and rewrite their futures

a new man emerges unwilling to compromise ideals,
humble enough to learn life's lessons
& bent on finding clear communication
maybe even fostering some himself

Sunday, January 25, 2009

heart of water

origination, 2009

the chords of life are played according to water's lesson

life's cohesion depends upon the water present

water's solvent meters toxicity
either self or externally applied

water of life, an ancient code of respect
for a powerful resource

...speaks of sub-quantum waves traveling nothingness,
emanating probabilities across infinity

blessings abound of life-giving qualities,
plucking causal strings the heart of water beckons love