Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Ching for day twelve

Kan:Water over Gen:Mountain = Obstruction

Depart courageously for you will return with honour.

Do not automatically take the easy way, use dignity to discover the correct way.

The wheel of time has turned around and faced with well-worn paths, you must depart courageously.

Strike out from the cultural norms and face your true self naked of culturally imposed worldviews.

Do not complain about your lot because in doing so you reinforce your fate by biasing your world-view. Instead use positive affirmations derived from the path of integrity.

Integrity adheres to trueness thereby finding the perfect boundaries of respect.

Swim against the current to find your origins and you will attract others walking similar paths of dignity.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Ching for day eleven

Li:Fire over Zhen:Thunder = Biting Through

Enforce the law and apply it the right way.

Thunder shakes evil from below while fire examines both good and bad from above. To bite cleanly you must remove sand, stones and bones before you can chew and swallow the food.

Be sharp-sighted, using both kindness and intimidation. Be sure you do not wrong an innocent person or let the guilty go free.

Find decisiveness in your actions by following the path of Integrity.

A warrior's integrity leads him or her to dance in the face of Infinity, on Death's doorstep.

The path of Integrity must constantly be sought after in order to reach your maximum you. Stop the internal chatter propping up your world-view and let the you-you out!

Inner silence clarifies a warrior's path and allows the essence, the spirit of you to emerge and enliven your existence in this space and time.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Ching for day ten

Kun:Earth over Gen:Mountain = Modesty

Exercise humility and respect others and you will be respected in return.

The mountains stay below the earth.

Somewhere a tablet calls to be found and old rights to be restored, but for now we must proceed with prudence and caution.

In my dreams i watched an elder bald eagle teach a young one to hunt and i watched humanity fell a gigantic lone pine. the voices of dissent are surfacing from deep unrest but humility will carry them all.

Monday, October 15, 2007

I Ching for day nine

Zhen:Thunder over Gen:Mountain = Minor Achievement

Remain lower rather than higher and act smaller rather than greater.

The power of the thunder is decreased by the strength of the mountain. Acting bigger than I am will lead to futility. Accepting modest assignments is wiser than rushing to overstep the mark.

My mind has been darkened as of late, overrun with worldly worries.

No matter the fate of the world, take the lesson of the mountain standing firm.

Accept the modest fate of being yourself, by letting your unique talents be fulfilled with the spirit of life.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I Ching for days seven & eight!

ZHEN:THUNDER OVER Dui:SEA (two days straight!) = Wedding Maiden

The thunder cracks over the sea for two days straight and I am to think of a Wedding Maiden?

Hmm, must be something here to look at...

Treat each event as the marriage of a daughter.

The wedding of a maiden is the most important event in the world. It is just like a union of heaven and earth, without which life cannot continue.

Obey the Spirit, upholding its moral ways: speaking impeccably and modestly...the most respectful of words enlivens the spirit within your breast.

Amidst the thunderous clouds flashing lightning over the sea, i can hear the sweetest voice whispering. It reminds me to treat all events with the reverence and blessings bestowed upon the marriage of a daughter.

The lightning streaks across my mental landscape according to the neural network in my skull. I suspect it does so in your mind as well. Oh the storms brewing in my skull have found growing unrest in the politics of our time.

It is hard for me to keep track of all the attacks on our freedoms. The White House must think this war is a joke. Are you serious?

Painful as it is to remember that this war was started because Sadaam Hussein had WMDs, it is helpful to recall the warning signs of a war started under false pretenses.

The stench of spoiled political offices has been rising for far too long. Our telephone calls can be routed through mainframe computers searching for prescribed keywords anytime your government sees fit.

I forgot, is our government meant to uphold our freedoms or not? It is not for the government to squelch the voices of its populace, it must protect the cleanliness of its political offices from corruption and follow the democratic majority of its citizens.

Before we can clean up the toxic byproducts of manufacturers, our government must stand up for our freedoms by restoring the hallowed nature of a political office. These are supposed to be individuals who will hear your voices and stand up for your freedoms amidst the voices of other districts.

And yet to maintain my balance, I must strain to hear the benevolent voice of the maiden's wedding amongst the thunderous peels ringing over the sea of my mind. A mighty task in times like these.