Wednesday, October 26, 2011


wandering aimlessly amongst my thoughts, i realized i was seeking a cause...something to put my heart into, something to throw the weight of my actions behind.

before me lie a plethora of problems facing the world. these problems are not of my direct creation, they don't belong to any single one of us, they belong to the indirect 'all' of us.

whether our fore-parents started the actions and industries which we now continue, matters not.

we, the All, hold momentary control over the shape and direction our lives take; no more, no less. our ancestors had the same and our descendants will also.

living in-the-moment is terribly complex. there are a myriad of competing things in one's life needing attending to. some tasks are simply practical matters, but all actions carry emotional layers or signatures, if you will.

emotional layering occurs when held-knowledge is challenged by new incoming information. knowledge is cumulative and results in the causes behind your actions.

each cause holds certain outcome expectations.

the strength and size of these expectations indirectly determines how much emotional layering will occur with the advent of the outcome. for instance, out-sized expectations are sure to cause emotional trauma if the outcome is drastically different than expected.

the emotional signature is really a signature of some perceived cause amongst a vortex of information. out of your accumulated knowledge you derive reasons for acting and thinking the way you do. you set up expectations over your reasoned outcomes.

expectations result in emotional and sometimes physical pain when not met. unless pain is your goal, it generally clouds the efficacy of your actions and diminishes the probability of your success.

to expect is to trap yourself in the perceived validity of your reason for being. change is woven in the fabric of time, it cannot be denied. your reasons will come under fire, under stress. life external will challenge your 'causes.'

sure you must have a conceived goal behind everything you do, but you must not throw the weight of your emotional expectations behind it. to do so invites eventual knowledge failure through destined change.

we must learn everything but remain always learners. we must never be above learning.

we all arrived in the moment and made something out of it. the cumulative knowledge of the species evolves according to these somethings-made.

given this moment, what would we like to make of it?