Thursday, April 10, 2008

trifecta of your existence, one poem

blessed is the creative life-force rushing through the atoms in your days.

honed at the duality of wave and particle, your yin and yang sides meet to exchange light and dark energy in your mind.

sensing its presence in the world around it, your body is a genetic gateway awash in the universal creative flow.

balance leads to long life
Niels Bohr Max Born Louis de Broglie Nicolaus Copernicus Marie Curie Paul Dirac Albert Einstein Michael Faraday Enrico Fermi Richard Phillips Feynman Edmond Halley Stephen Hawking Werner Karl Heisenberg Edwin Powell Hubble Lord Kelvin Johannes Kepler Irving Langmuir James Clerk Maxwell Robert Andrews Millikan Sir Isaac Newton Blaise Pascal Wolfgang Ernst Pauli Max Planck Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen Sir Ernest Rutherford Erwin Schroedinger Sir Joseph John Thomso Hideki Yukawa

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