Tuesday, March 11, 2008

God is nobody

Michael West Photography, © 2008

The inverse proportion between downer feelings and comprehensive reality percentages means that as the individual mind increases its comprehensive understanding of its real surroundings, the amount of downer negativity experienced decreases.

Downer negativity is a result of thought refraction of truth via the introduction of lies, which produce a negative draw on the neural system.

Neural scattering, caused by lie introduction, results in the miscategorization and miscataloging of crucial perceptual information pertaining to the body's accumulated history.

A comprehensive understanding of the mind-body's connection to its surrounding reality depends on a neural web of accumulated truthful perceptions.

Falsities/ 'lies' fracture the neural flow thereby decreasing its efficiency, thus limiting the individual's comprehensive reality.

Questions categorize and catalog perceptions across the history of your life.

The body's manifestations of the mind's perceptions ultimately determine life's pattern.

Time cycles between extremities of existence and history builds complexity amongst neural web patterns.

God is nobody.