Friday, August 24, 2007

The speed of thought

The freedom of your steps is attained in the patient attentiveness to love.

Love carries the perfect heart-rate capable of opening your soul to the truth distributed by the Spirit.

To receive love you must give love.
From birth to the grave it has always been so.

Listen to the rain and the wind blowing change into your life. There you will find the health and state of Nature Divine. Your life depends on Nature's changes.

The Spirit speaks to your sub-conscious mind, often communicating through your Dreams. Listen to those analogies and anecdotes playing out in your
sub-conscious theatre.

Open your soul through the alignment of your awake and dreaming minds. Create a fabulous mental theatre of paradox in which to sort out the truth of Nature.

Remember, gentle is love's sway. A life balanced by Love's heart-beat is a wonderfully individual existence that may set your soul Free.

Love must be attained, love must be worked for; love is never free and therein lies its healing powers. The act of giving away love above and beyond selfish goals produces a energy that emanates through the minds of those nearby.

When your mind is occupied in caring acts, a veil is lifted between the two mental theatres revealing threads of truth woven betwixt the conscious and sub-conscious thoughts. In this way, you appropriately gauge the presentation of your surroundings and can thus surmise how to respond to paradox of truth.

Awake your soul, set loose your Spirit to dance to the beat of Love.

Fear not your preconceptions of Truth, lest they confuse your mind and re-route your neural signals. Your fortune is found in the mysterious pool of love. Get lost and found in its depths.


Jennifer said...

I like this a lot... Thank you for sharing.

p-d said...

thanks jennifer, we look forward to seeing you at the Power to the Peaceful festival!!