Thursday, December 13, 2007

We are all Beginners

It's all about what you do not what you say. ~Midnite

Watching the sun speak through the clouds, the morning opens and breathes deep the breathe of life.

Illuminating the presence of living truth the sun kisses the earth and her waters, demanding the respect of all living plants and creatures.

Life on earth is a cacophonic-harmony of senses focused in organs such as ears, eyes, noses, mouths, and protective coverings of skin and/or hair.

You are a beginner of something as we all are. We are but individuals confined in a unique genetic imprint, we can't know how to do everything and as such are beginners at something.

In this knowledge lies the steady path of the humble.

Humility is bounded by underlying respect for internal conditions and external choices.

Be confident in your abilities if you have given your best and yet remain always as a beginner on the path to enlightenment.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

What is evil?

Economics tremble under the weight of a heavy management.

Management-heavy companies require certain amounts of greed to operate.

Cheaper production tends to occur in areas of less environmental-impact oversight.

Top-heavy corporations are prone to bending the environmental rules to satisfy their investors.

Governmental subsidization of such companies is tantamount to environmental poisoning and any purchasing done from them is the willing admittance of toxic chemical buildup in the consumer and citizen.

Which begs the question: are you buying your cancer?

Cancer is simply the accumulation of carcinogens that disrupt the system balance to the point of sparking a cellular wildfire. As greedy corporations expand across the globe, the list of known human carcinogens keeps increasing. Allowing corporations,who spew toxic by-products into the environment, to exist via subsidization or patronage is an economic policy leading to heavy expenses and excessive state oversight.

Economics is a political-science which should seek to assist in the healthy living of those it serves because unhealthy living incurs extra expenses upon the state which in turn drives taxes up and/or the country into debt.

Economic policy should foster the development of low-environmental impact companies in order to improve the health of its constituents and lighten the financial load of the state.

In this way prices are driven down and competition begins to thrive in the private individual business sectors, which fosters community and social accountability.

Financial freedom of its citizens is a symptom of state economic policy.

The US is riddled with debt topping $9,126,284,450,762 as of today, averaging $28,412 per person.

Economic political-science must support the well-being of its citizens through the protection from unhealthy corporations. Assisting socially-responsibly companies leads to healthy grow and sustainable competition.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Letter from blue whale tribe

In the cold depths we have traveled throughout the ages, while your kind is a recent development.

For many years the creatures of this earth have flourished by their own means, but now your dominance is slowly exterminating us all.

Our ancient songs have always been filled with the knowledge that all creatures receive the life blessings of water.

The toxic products of your wealth are poisoning the life-giving waterways covering our earth.

Learn to be rich in spirit and devoid of possessions.
This is the way of the Spirit of Life.

Our thoughts stretch back in time beyond the humans' obsession with self and have found that within the irony of paradoxes are their answers found.

Now you stand upon the brink of ecosystem crash and the irony is that while you have the capacity to reason us back into balance, you allow yourself to be blinded through the obsession with reflections of self.

Self-obsession is the paradox you face.

Should you choose to blind your reason, the creatures that cannot adapt to the chemical changes will die off and those that can will mutate accordingly.

Humans have brought significant changes and may cause a system-wide crash of life on earth, all the while retaining the solution of their salvation in their heads.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sunday, November 11, 2007


It is too easy to become complacent with developed patterns to such an extent that you simply overlook the damage being done.

Claiming ignorance will never wash away the stains of truth. Take a shining example of a faith white-washed in greed, seen most recently in the media spotlight under the heading mega-church corruption.

The revered Reverand Creflo Dollar, (are you kidding me, this guy's name is Dollar? you can't write comedy this good.) told the Senate, "Without a doubt, my life is not average, but I'd like to say, just because it is excessive doesn't necessarily mean it's wrong."

"Doesn't necessarily mean that it's wrong?" Hmm, pardon me Mr. Dollar, you must be under the fairly narrow-minded assumption that the world is here for your taking. If I'm not mistaken isn't it easier for a CAMEL to go through the eye of a NEEDLE, than it is for a rich man to enter heaven?

But I digress, complacency is an unseen virus that enters your life on the back of accepted ignorance.

Sorry, but reading the ingredient labels is the equivalent of making yourself right with whatever divine being you believe in. If you don't understand what you are ingesting but choose to do so anyway, that's called ignorant behavior.

Ignorant behavior allows a certain amount of complacency to squeeze into your life.

If you don't believe me, simply look at the ever-expanding human waistline and increasing rate of diabetes. These are simple facts which seem to allude most people mainly because they want to avoid inconveniencing themselves with silly consequences.

Get angry, get sad, get upset, cry, laugh, just do something to stoke the fires of creativity that are smoldering inside. Within the fires of creative self you may find the refiner's fire of truth.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Democracy is failing: a treatise

Due to governmental failure, a fatal flaw in the United State's ideology of democracy has occurred.

If the government is here to serve the interests of all, then any way it knowingly facilitates the financial gain of a select few, either corporate or private, is in direct conflict with its claimed modus operandus.

An efficient government is an effective government. The government has lost operational efficiency by becoming unwieldly and over-burdened. It employs too many people and is broke.

A government should be light and efficient, responding quickly and effectively to the call of its people. The government should employ highly intelligent leaders who know how to trim the ranks through the removal of all broken or unnecessary lines of communication.

A true democracy employs officials who don't rely on the opinions of lobbyists because they themselves are out there surveying their districts, taking polls to the people and giving power to their voices.

The point of electorate terms of service is to make sure the office is performing at its best. The corruption of politicians to corporations results in a perpetual infusion of election capital ($), through which they can remain in office to reap the rewards of certain kickbacks.

The treasury of the government should be able to pay for any necessary travel during the elected official's service terms, meaning that anytime a corporation pays for travel, the elected official should be charged with treason.

Sound too harsh? Consider that the corporation has no reason to sponsor a politician unless it wants him or her to pass or affect the passing of legislation in its financial favor. Therefore the intention is always biased; and by allowing the corporation to court the governmental official, he or she has committed treason by allowing a leg up to a select few individuals over the majority of voices.

Treason is disloyalty to the will of the people through subversive behavior. Corruption is by nature subversive and disloyal to the cause of democracy.

The signs are clear.

The unwieldly nature of a government who commit hundreds of billions to a war started under the guise of WMD's, while there exist schools on its own soil who cannot afford the tools necessary to learn.

The way corporate business has been allowed to run rampant across the countryside while small independent businesses fold under the pressure of cheap imports.

The pollution of resources through relaxed standards is tantamount to subsidized poisoning.

Democracy is failing in its current form and the problem lies in the lack of clarity surround its intent. Is democracy here to protect its citizens’ freedom through the endorsement of a few?

Since the government seems unable or unwilling to educate its masses about the state of its corruption, we are thus responsible if it fails to protect the freedom of the masses from corporate take-over.

The hyper-exploitation of resources at home or abroad via corporate behavior is unacceptable and threatens to wipe out all diversity, in order to fulfill the financial satisfaction of boardroom investors.

Hyper-exploitative behavior seeks to remove required resources by any means necessary. It is the government's job to pay attention to the necessities of its people, not the necessities of a corporate boardroom.

The government must allow small independent businesses the same rights and privileges it allows corporations, because corporate interests are poisoning our food, water and air, thereby limiting our rights to pursue a healthful life.

Your dollars matter. Where you spend your dollars dictates the life and death of a corporation. Unfortunately at this stage, cheap imports have eroded the value of your money, but your patronage can make a difference. Corporations who are allowed to toxify the environment must die from the lack of our collective patronage.

In this way, we the citizens, spark an economic fire under the businesses who are protecting our best interests. Those whose manufacturing and sales procedures respect the natural balance of the available resources and seek to leave no damaging traces in the ecosystem.

Your patronage matters and your voice matters.

Your education and the education of your fellow citizens is crucial to the volume of our collective voice through the strength it gives to your decision making process.

The amount and type of information your brain receives is crucial to the patronage of your mind into action; meaning, beware of advertisements asking you to buy products made through questionable business practices.

You must educate yourself about the goods you purchase lest you endanger your health directly or indirectly.

You must find your voice because our democracy is failing, leading us to certain doom.

Make no mistake, the control of international resources under the guise of diplomacy will not go unnoticed forever. Our seas are being fished to extinction and we extract sludge from the earth to power the machines of industry and progress.

There are not a lot of happy notes out there because as resources dwindle, the machines of money and progress must become more aggressive to maintain their profit margins.

We are at a crucial time where at some point our patronage will no longer be able to save us and as our ecosystems crumble, our well-being will crumble.

Now our monies and our collective voice must turn back the tide of political corruption and sever destructive corporations from our eyes, ears and veins.

We must turn away from petty wars of greed and pride and face the fact that all our futures are intertwined. We must face the fate created over the span of human history.

The human obsession with individuality leads to delusional worldviews in which the human mind reasons that resources are not finite and that actions have no consequences.

Humans are only here by the grace of the Sun and the blessings of Mother Earth.

Poisoning the land, water and air to improve the financial margins is despicable behavior of the
ignorant mind.

Consuming resources at non-sustainable rates is a deliverable death-warrant issued to the ecosystems which sustain human life.

These are all things which the government should be monitoring and controlling for the sake of its people.

We must join together to steer our fate away from the brink of destruction. We must collectively take the helm of our government.

Politicians are our employees and must follow the directions of our collective voice.

Businesses live and breath through our patronage. We should evaluate the business practices of all those who receive the lifeblood of our monies. Collectively we can choose which businesses are allowed to live and which businesses must die.

The lambs find strength in their unity.

Are you a lamb or a lion?

Will you speak up?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


ladder to another world

I Ching for day seventeen

Qian:Heaven over Zhen:Thunder = Honesty

Let the seeds develop in their own way. Nothing can be forced to grow in a hurry.

My culture epitomizes the get _____ quick philosophy.

It is a shame that most humans are too wrapped up in desire, to recognize the ill-side-effects of such actions.

The religion of my youth, Christianity, has sold their seeds of faith to corporations.

Hear me now, no matter your beliefs, buying goods whose manufacturing poisons you or your neighbors water, soil or air, is the equivalent of spitting in God's face.

To knowingly spend wages of labor on products which require the hyper-exploitation of precious, finite Earthly resources is hypocritical to any theology that values life, and is just sheer madness.

Let the seeds develop in their own ways...the natural, organic way ordained by the celestial lights.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007

I Ching for day sixteen

Gen:Mountain over Dui:Sea = Decrease

Dispense with bad habits and you will gain unexpected profit.

Mountains should be high and the sea should be deep. Restrain your anger, suppress your longings and take no action without careful thought.

Today while talking with our family counselor, it became clear that I must concentrate upon the appropriate measure of increase and decrease in my every thought and action.

The journey dictates the need and thus I must meter my worldview to accommodate the lessons of the moment. Balancing reduction and gain is crucial to maintaining the warrior's path of integrity.

To dispense with destructive habits is no easy task and yet is a cause worth being sought.

Your sanity is the measure of control you have over your destructive compulsions; maintaining its health ensures a longer, more free existence.

In humble admission and the subsequent eradication of bad habits, unexpected profits may appear as universal gifts bestowed upon the faithful.

The warmth of my lover's embrace and the sweet smell of her skin remind me that it is time to decrease, time to discover my subtlety and my finesse, time to crowd out bad habits with good ones.

I Ching for day fifteen

Zhen:Thunder over Qian:Heaven = Great Strength

Gather power with the help of teachings, tactics, willpower and determination.

Maintain a noble character and you will enlist many to the cause. Your strength has grown but it is not yet time for battle. A victory gained through force will short-lived, just as the echo of thunder in the sky quickly fades.

Whether or not you are aware of your surroundings, an army is growing. The discontent is palpable. Balance must be and will be restored.

It does not matter your allegiance to rigid beliefs, when your spirit of life is on the docket. Letting someone else choose your fate proves your cause a sham.

Clarify your purpose were you to clarify your mind. Free yourself from the unnecessary burdens of men who deal in shadows by not giving away your power to their hyper-exploitative corporations.

Gather your strength and you will find a great army building. Your willpower manifests through the clarity of your intent. Seek the path of nobility along the path of integrity.

Find freedom, find happiness, find great strength.

I Ching for day fourteen

Kun:Earth over Qian:Heaven = Peace

Come together with others without envy, just as heaven blends with the earth.

The high and the low mingle, majesty and humility share a mutual respect. The surface of the earth rises and falls just like the ups and downs of life.

Waking up late next to the warm skin of my lover, the coffee tastes sweeter and the bacon more savory.

As the sun pierces the crisp October air, I let my spirit rise and fall on the breeze. Silencing the inner voices, I find myself free to follow the birdsongs and my lover's sighs.

It is constantly astounding that when allowed to speak, Nature exudes a wisdom far more relevant than the incessant drone of society.

When it is your turn to face Infinity, all the indignation you can muster will not alter the course of your death.

Peace is scarce in a shrinking world and therefore must be championed at the sake of your dignity.

I Ching for day thirteen

Li:Fire over Kan:Water = Striving to Accomplish

Continue to improve yourself and continue to benefit others.

Male and female powers beget each other. Life and death follow each other, this is the circle of nature and the I Ching.

Follow the example of heaven and earth to continue your progression. Just as they keep moving to nurture the myriad creatures, you should continue to accomplish your duties. That is the only way to reach the summit.

There is much before us that must be made right. It is insufficient to simply recognize the need for change, action must follow acknowledgment in order for your situation to improve.

Equal voices will carry the day and must be allowed to speak were you to understand the true nature of the I Ching.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Ching for day twelve

Kan:Water over Gen:Mountain = Obstruction

Depart courageously for you will return with honour.

Do not automatically take the easy way, use dignity to discover the correct way.

The wheel of time has turned around and faced with well-worn paths, you must depart courageously.

Strike out from the cultural norms and face your true self naked of culturally imposed worldviews.

Do not complain about your lot because in doing so you reinforce your fate by biasing your world-view. Instead use positive affirmations derived from the path of integrity.

Integrity adheres to trueness thereby finding the perfect boundaries of respect.

Swim against the current to find your origins and you will attract others walking similar paths of dignity.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Ching for day eleven

Li:Fire over Zhen:Thunder = Biting Through

Enforce the law and apply it the right way.

Thunder shakes evil from below while fire examines both good and bad from above. To bite cleanly you must remove sand, stones and bones before you can chew and swallow the food.

Be sharp-sighted, using both kindness and intimidation. Be sure you do not wrong an innocent person or let the guilty go free.

Find decisiveness in your actions by following the path of Integrity.

A warrior's integrity leads him or her to dance in the face of Infinity, on Death's doorstep.

The path of Integrity must constantly be sought after in order to reach your maximum you. Stop the internal chatter propping up your world-view and let the you-you out!

Inner silence clarifies a warrior's path and allows the essence, the spirit of you to emerge and enliven your existence in this space and time.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Ching for day ten

Kun:Earth over Gen:Mountain = Modesty

Exercise humility and respect others and you will be respected in return.

The mountains stay below the earth.

Somewhere a tablet calls to be found and old rights to be restored, but for now we must proceed with prudence and caution.

In my dreams i watched an elder bald eagle teach a young one to hunt and i watched humanity fell a gigantic lone pine. the voices of dissent are surfacing from deep unrest but humility will carry them all.

Monday, October 15, 2007

I Ching for day nine

Zhen:Thunder over Gen:Mountain = Minor Achievement

Remain lower rather than higher and act smaller rather than greater.

The power of the thunder is decreased by the strength of the mountain. Acting bigger than I am will lead to futility. Accepting modest assignments is wiser than rushing to overstep the mark.

My mind has been darkened as of late, overrun with worldly worries.

No matter the fate of the world, take the lesson of the mountain standing firm.

Accept the modest fate of being yourself, by letting your unique talents be fulfilled with the spirit of life.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I Ching for days seven & eight!

ZHEN:THUNDER OVER Dui:SEA (two days straight!) = Wedding Maiden

The thunder cracks over the sea for two days straight and I am to think of a Wedding Maiden?

Hmm, must be something here to look at...

Treat each event as the marriage of a daughter.

The wedding of a maiden is the most important event in the world. It is just like a union of heaven and earth, without which life cannot continue.

Obey the Spirit, upholding its moral ways: speaking impeccably and modestly...the most respectful of words enlivens the spirit within your breast.

Amidst the thunderous clouds flashing lightning over the sea, i can hear the sweetest voice whispering. It reminds me to treat all events with the reverence and blessings bestowed upon the marriage of a daughter.

The lightning streaks across my mental landscape according to the neural network in my skull. I suspect it does so in your mind as well. Oh the storms brewing in my skull have found growing unrest in the politics of our time.

It is hard for me to keep track of all the attacks on our freedoms. The White House must think this war is a joke. Are you serious?

Painful as it is to remember that this war was started because Sadaam Hussein had WMDs, it is helpful to recall the warning signs of a war started under false pretenses.

The stench of spoiled political offices has been rising for far too long. Our telephone calls can be routed through mainframe computers searching for prescribed keywords anytime your government sees fit.

I forgot, is our government meant to uphold our freedoms or not? It is not for the government to squelch the voices of its populace, it must protect the cleanliness of its political offices from corruption and follow the democratic majority of its citizens.

Before we can clean up the toxic byproducts of manufacturers, our government must stand up for our freedoms by restoring the hallowed nature of a political office. These are supposed to be individuals who will hear your voices and stand up for your freedoms amidst the voices of other districts.

And yet to maintain my balance, I must strain to hear the benevolent voice of the maiden's wedding amongst the thunderous peels ringing over the sea of my mind. A mighty task in times like these.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I Ching for day six

Kun:Earth over Li:Fire = Obscurity

Clear a new space if the place surrounding you is not favourable.

The Sun has sunk below the horizon and its brightness is lost. It is a difficult time: you had better keep a low profile and stick to your principles. Do not put your trust in people lightly, but also do not lose your faith.

Is the space around me not favourable?
What should I clear away?

There is darkness around me, it is a difficult time. My fellow humans seem to be more interested in who won American Idol than the fact that they willingly ingest carcinogens through their ignorance of chemistry and corporate practices.

Cure for cancer? The only cure for cancer is the non-absorption of carcinogens. Cancer is a symptom.

A nation lost in the fog of a war started under false pretenses.

You had better keep a low profile, stick to your principles. Find the truth that doesn't tarnish. Remove the filters around you, is this space favourable to your spirit of life?

Never lose faith in those untarnished threads of truth spun into your spirit of life, but reserve your trust for those whose actions funnel truth.

Friday, October 12, 2007

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I Ching for day five

Li:Fire over Dui:Sea = Separation

The fire blazes upward and the water surges downward. This points to a divergence of views. Avoid uncoordinated actions originating from different wills.

There was much confusion in my mind surrounding this reading as I had specifically asked about my guilt. I was suspicious of my intentions and my guilt crippled me.

After twenty some odd hours filled with work, sex, live theater, public transportation and hot & sour Thai soup, this card begins to sink in. I have been crippled by my guilt and therefore am not free to let my spirit soar.

I must allow due separation between my spirit and my guilt. They are not the same.

I must avoid uncoordinated actions, which is to say I must continually strive for coordinated actions surfacing from the will of my spirit. The spirit of life may be filtered or abused but its intentions remain true.

I am seeking a guilt-free alignment of my actions and my spirit of life, in order that I may live more fully and more freely.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Ching for day four

Sun:Wind over Qian:Heaven = Accumulating

Distance yourself from your old path.

...rain is threatening but not yet falling. The time is not ripe for advancing and difficulties still lie before you.

Today a close friend of an officemate was found after committing suicide, the rain is threatening.

No amount of rain can wash away the stain of those unable to maintain their living responsibilities. At those moments it is advisable to maintain and cherish the same ideals as before. In this way you can be sure that the wheels will not separate from the axle.

What path must I distance myself from?

The path of my mind that leads down a road fraught with lies and self-content. That is an old path already traveled amongst the neurons and must be discarded as in direct contrast to the expansion of life.

Life is a continual action of expansion and contraction felt across cellular boundaries which unhealthy mental patterns can threaten.

I must let the winds of Heaven flow freely through the Spirit of my life.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I Ching for day three

Kun: Earth over Kun: Earth = Earth!

Follow the earth's example being humble and virtuous. The earth is soft and yet it is strong. It nurtures a myriad of creatures.

Uphold justice but act gently.

This morning started off with a late start as I overslept my alarm by hitting the kill switch instead of the snooze! Sometimes these rapid starts are good for the getting the blood flowing, but often things are left undone and I am left a bit unprepared to face the day.

"Be humble and virtuous, virtuous and humble," I chant throughout the day. Running around I feel a subtle shift in my awareness as the day progresses.

Snapshots are taken in time of birds flying through my vision. A hawk cruising across a raised road, only inches from the pavement. A crow's silhouette against a smoke filled sky. Each image became like an anchor, a timelessness etched in a racing world as my little green Tacoma raced amongst the vineyards of Sonoma and Napa.

Taking a moment to stretch my legs, I pluck a single Pinot Noir grape from one of the bunches left behind this harvest. Its sweet, soft middle is a stark contrast to its tannic skin, oh the beauty of a good glass of Pinot shared amongst good company fills my future I can tell!

How easily we humans forget that Mama Earth sustains us with her bounty. We think we are all high and mighty in our concrete jungles and yet all our flamboyant gestures come to naught without the Earth's natural goodness to sustain us.

It is up to the current generations to uphold justice for Mama Earth through gentle actions upon her stature.

Virtuous and humble, oh my!

I Ching for day two

Qian: Heaven over Qian: Heaven = Heaven

Celebrate the Sun, the Earth, Health and the beginning of the Universe.

The dragon is hiding. Cultivate your own moral character and wait for the right moment in which to act.

No one can hold an over-filled bowl without spilling its contents.

Oh these words strike ever truer chords within my breast. All vessels have a maximum volume.

It reminds me that humans are simply vessels filled with the spirit of life. Some have more, some have less; but no matter the amount they are meant to be filled to the brim.

Be vivacious but remember the dragon is hiding. Talking less and breathing more, I must patiently wait for the right moments to act.

Tis the beginning of another work week and I must be on my toes evermore to maintain today's lesson. Be firm yet understanding, work efficiently and with diligence and try not to make too many mistakes! :)

I Ching for day one

Kun: Earth over Sun: Wind = Ascendance

Following the tree's example, grow slowly and gather good deeds from below so that they rise up to perfection.

Today I mountain biked to the East Peak of Mt. Tamalpais after a week of sub-par health. My breathe was ragged and my legs fatigued due to my previous inactivity and the sun beat down heavy upon my head. The feeling of the Earth under me kept me balanced and half-way up the mountain I felt a breeze clearing out the heat radiating from the sun-baked trail.

I thought of the trees, steady and unabashedly reaching for the sky. Growing slowly they gather nutrients from earth and display them in a time-worthy fashion. I could learn from them.

Looking out from the mountain top sharing a moment with friends, I could sense a worldwide ascension of the soul. The time is becoming ripe for my generation to take the helm and set a new course for our world. We are rising and must be willing to learn from nature. The stalwart trees stand as legions of royalty against the pressures of time, much can be learned from their efficient examples.

a month of I CHING

I have committed myself to a thirty day discovery of the I Ching.

I will share the daily symbols arrived at through meditative thought and will intently post them here to face Infinity.

I will be using I Ching cards published by Marlowe & Company, with text by Chao-Hsiu Chen. Seen HERE.

Undoubtedly I will use some choice lines of text from Chao-Hsiu Chen combined with my own insights. I appreciate her insights and hope this serves as sufficient credit.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happiness & Fear

Fear takes many shapes and ranges across all emotions. Fear management is crucial to happiness. Much fear is learned therefore it is necessary to put your fears on trial.

Fears embed around discomforting scenarios. Much discomfort surrounds the resonation of love in your life or lack thereof.

The security of love you feel is related to the total amount of fear present in your life.

Insecurities about the love present in any scenario dogs your every emotional step with some measure of fear.

The mystery of life is contained within every living being as a definitive set of parameters in the face of moments devoid of answers. Life is a question begging to be answered by those capable of forming questions.

For any answer there are some limited possible questions that fit the bill.

The face of Infinity is the Universe's Brain setting up the parameters of life as we sentient beings know it.

In an unusual mystery, our logical capacities are set free to choose our path through life, meaning that seemingly unlike a lot of other Earth living beings, humans can go against their natural survival mechanisms.

Let not choice limit the number of possible questions and the possible number of answers will increase.

Underneath the flesh and hidden with the cell walls exists an Imperative permeating the boundaries of life.

Juxtapose the internal Imperative of Life and the exterior lessons in order to find true happiness.

Remember: happiness is found in moderated action!

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Man up, the Army's not as well trained as before.

In good news, the army is ramping up its expansion. Bad news is the US Military standards are sub-par because its recruiting efforts aren't going well. READ HERE!

The new push will be: Once in the Military, Stay in the Military.

Hey maybe I should sell the US Government that slogan!

Don't get me wrong, our freedoms should be protected but I think the lower recruitment rates are indicative of failing confidence in the White House' s war.

Sure we all know that Pres. G.W.Bush has stirred the hornet's nest of fundamental radicalism. Don't worry Mr. President, we understand that there are nut jobs out there willing to strap bombs to their flesh just to take a few more infidels out and score some virgin points in Paradise.

Maybe just maybe your old boy ways have got you in way over your head.

No amount of oil money or piece of desert is worth the hell you've invoked. Apparently you don't understand that violence breeds violence. Radicalism dies out with Education; but now instead of having a small group of inter-tribal fighters pissed off about arms deals and oil diplomacy, your "big dollar $tick" mentality has tainted relations with the Muslim faith! (Crowd cheers...not)

Let's be realistic here, its time to take off the training wheels, kick the bird out of the nest. Sending tens of thousands of our young people over there cannot prop up a fledging democracy forever. Withdraw and put that spending money where it belongs on its own soil.

Funny how politicians can justify spending $190 billion dollars on some foreign war while drumming up a debt of over $161K per person in the U.S.

We can't even afford health care (consumer report here) and more latinos and blacks are in jail than in school.

Our health care system is corrupted by high prices while the government moves a large number of troops overseas and leaves us under supported at home.

Bring'em home and shore up our defenses.

Education is the only way to truly eradicate fundamentalist thoughts. As worldwide communication increases, ignorance loses its stranglehold on the mind.

Mr. Ridley Scott's Blade Runner: technically true

Has Mr. Scott got it right?

Technically we are all androids of electrical signal pulses felt through our nervous systems and are birthed with a basic set of innate survival programs.

The adoption of additional programmed responses occurs over timed existence. Is there an origin program?

Keeping topical, the man is quite intelligent and Harrison Ford has always fit the role well. I am looking forward to seeing The Final Cut version.

Wired magazine has a great interview with him HERE.

Monday, September 17, 2007

In the Time of War

Let not our eyes go blind and our ears deaf to the beauty of this nation. Surely we have had our struggles and doubts, yet our freedom continues.

Political corruption is a blight upon the strength and wisdom this nation has fostered since the difficult days of its founding. Beware your freedom is not threatened by malfeasance in the hallowed offices of those set to speak on the people’s behalf.

For far too long have we let those with vested interests arrange the policies of our lives. Burying our educated heads in the sands of time will not bring peace to the war-torn soils of Mama Earth.

Let not the vigor of our youth be mired by war-mongering fools who care more for their padded offices than their constituencies. We have become too dependent on our government and it in turn has grown overburdened and unwieldy.

Was it not the founding fathers vision to create a nation strong, independent and free? We are not free, we are deeply in debts which cannot go on unpaid forever.

Those who don’t believe in change suffer the most for their pride.

Ignorance is not a virtue it’s a virus.

Enough strength remains in our combined freedom to repair this divided nation.
We were not the first inhabitants here, let’s not be the last.

In the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, peace always trumps war.

Never miss an opportunity for peace.

one man standing sincerely

Friday, September 14, 2007

the strength of your grip

your life fluctuates between action and relaxing. too much of either generates stress around the weaker cells in your body.

too much action stresses the system and too much inaction produces stress on the weaker joints
and bones.

learning to maintain the proper control and release mechanisms is tantamount to freeing the informational flow of energy through cell walls thereby strengthening their resistance to stress.

Your body is a circuit of energy carried out as muscle, tissue, bones, cells, etc...

The maintenance of that circuit's flow is crucial to your body to resist stresses of either external or
internal nature.

Your mind has enough generating power to cause excess focus upon physical processes. Your mind is capable of weakening your system's defenses to the point of illness penetration. Not only can your mind make you sick, it can prolong and worsen systemic illness.

For far too long have individuals chosen to ignore parts of their being as integral to the whole.

You cannot monitor a system's health without devoted study of all its parts. Giving heed to the balance between mind and body, strengthens all your
internal systems.

It should go without saying that a strong body-mind connection would increase your vitality and length your time on Earth in your human form.

you came with focused energy and when you leave that energy will disperse.

constantly push your body and mind's boundaries, never let them stagnate or recede but be certain to give them proper rest.

Learn more, stretch more, flex more. strengthen your grip on life.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Crater lake's deep

In the rhythm of your mind, every set of electrical pulses is recorded and then sorted into your memory banks according to body responses.

The emotions invoked during any encounter are electrical surges in the sub-conscious that often recall into the conscious memory.

Meaning that emotions are memory markers that recall patterns of body responses into conscious thought. Crater lake is deep, 1,943 feet (592 meters) deep.

At night the electrical storms are intense due to significant weather patterns that dump over 524 inches of snow annually. We encountered one of these electrical storms for roughly 3 hours + straight. It was exciting! The tent lit up like someone was flashing a spot on it! A few good booms got us snuggling.

We followed that with a little kayaking on the mighty Pacific that brought us close to feeding whales. One whale even gave us a bit of a show when it would come straight out of the water head first with its mouth open and then crash back into the deep as took its catch down through baleen.

Your emotional responses are important to monitor because they hold keys to bodily response memories that can affect your conscious judgments.

The Power to the Peaceful festival is occurring this weekend and I consider Peace a worthy cause. Hate-mongers step aside, Peace needs to reign.

Wars are fought over delusions of grandeur erected in human memory.

Peace soothes the mind, letting it return to a natural rhythm with Nature.

To emulate Thoreau, being "cold and hungry and weary," resets the mind to Nature's tune.

Using Nature as a looking glass, you must look deep into the waters of your mind would you find the calming shores of life.

Peace is achieved in the application of respectful Love.

**Note the beautiful woman in the water above.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


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Friday, August 24, 2007

The speed of thought

The freedom of your steps is attained in the patient attentiveness to love.

Love carries the perfect heart-rate capable of opening your soul to the truth distributed by the Spirit.

To receive love you must give love.
From birth to the grave it has always been so.

Listen to the rain and the wind blowing change into your life. There you will find the health and state of Nature Divine. Your life depends on Nature's changes.

The Spirit speaks to your sub-conscious mind, often communicating through your Dreams. Listen to those analogies and anecdotes playing out in your
sub-conscious theatre.

Open your soul through the alignment of your awake and dreaming minds. Create a fabulous mental theatre of paradox in which to sort out the truth of Nature.

Remember, gentle is love's sway. A life balanced by Love's heart-beat is a wonderfully individual existence that may set your soul Free.

Love must be attained, love must be worked for; love is never free and therein lies its healing powers. The act of giving away love above and beyond selfish goals produces a energy that emanates through the minds of those nearby.

When your mind is occupied in caring acts, a veil is lifted between the two mental theatres revealing threads of truth woven betwixt the conscious and sub-conscious thoughts. In this way, you appropriately gauge the presentation of your surroundings and can thus surmise how to respond to paradox of truth.

Awake your soul, set loose your Spirit to dance to the beat of Love.

Fear not your preconceptions of Truth, lest they confuse your mind and re-route your neural signals. Your fortune is found in the mysterious pool of love. Get lost and found in its depths.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Grandmother's dance with Death

On Monday of this week, I attended the memorial service of my Grandmother.

I've been in a funky mood since the morning she died on August 11, 2007.

I decided to write something to say at her funeral and out of respect for her, i will post it here in a digital memorial that is the world wide web.

Here's what I wrote.

For Grandma:

Your life resounds as a symphony of Love
leading the way to redemption and exaltation.

As it is written in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, "...he who humbles himself will be exalted." And how I could hear the angels singing the day you
shed your mortal coil!

There was jubilation at your arrival in our
Heavenly Father's house.

Your humility was shown in the way you always treated others with
respect and understanding.

You loved people with Grace ...and we were all blessed by your presence.

I choose to hold up your life and your marriage of sixty-eight years to Grandpa as a beacon of
God's Loving Light on Earth!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

force calling

The true call of the human mind is to balance
art and science,
release and control.

A balanced mind harnesses control through timed release. Timing is determined by the amount of accumulated knowledge an individual puts to good use.

“Good,” is simply an inherent reflector gauging the amount of truth in all present information.

Timing is everything.

ALL matter is finite.

Human life is finite.

Finite bounded by Infinity
and grafted with Time.

That's life.

Understanding of such finite boundaries,
requires a mind balanced through art and science.

Fluidity and Rigidity are the two programs available for use in the neural pathways.

Rigidity is determined by the amount of neural energy
focused on any limited number of mental calculations.

Fluidity is the antithesis of Rigidity because it allows for overall neural energy flow across perceptual boundaries.

The human mind maintains specie survival through
calculations of reality perception.

An individual's concept of reality will determine his or her reactions to all perceptions. The control and release mechanism wired with time in the mind must first be understood before it can be balanced.

Control the finite but know when its Time to release to lessons of Infinity.

Be fluid in your awareness of the Infinite and
rigid in the assessment of truthful reality.

Perceptions of reality may be distorted
and can endanger life.

Happiness is reached through perceptual-action balancing.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

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Science bests Darwin's survival of the fittest

The manufacturing of drugs to supplement or replace biological deficiencies supplants the evolutionary weeding out of weak genetic lines and “bad” human choices.

(“Bad,” refers in this case, to any decision that endangers a specie’s survival either directly or indirectly. Some humorous examples might be: here & here.)

While Science treats symptoms, large portions of cures remain purely theoretical. (more links: 1 2 3)

There remains hope that neuroscience may rectify this dangerous precedent by validating the direct effect of human choices upon survival.

Cross-modality recognition and acceptance of direct cause & effect of human choice is crucial to crossing the chasm between reactionary science and valid cures.

Symptoms are not causes. Symptoms are transmitted by imbedded cause(s).

Going a bit deeper down the proverbial rabbit hole: All fundamental elements transmit cause(s) through vectored jets that outfit the atom, giving it some intrinsic spin.

Cause determines the operational boundaries of state and is accessible through perceptual alignment, largely channeled through the neural network.

Through the marginalization of the mind’s power, scientific researchers effectively abolish ethical objections to their work by reducing all human responses to rote biological behavior.

Intrinsic sub-atomic spin is responsible for the overall balanced behavior of all atomically based matter. Spin is an energy calculation that completes a circuit.

The human neural network relies upon the completion of energy circuits completed between the outside world and the individual perceptual awareness.

Human choice is essentially an oversight committee of neurons regulating the determination of all underlying perceptual causes.

Choice can be based upon incorrect perceptual processing usually derived from associated misinformation.

i will not say sorry

Although I personally did not choose my existence in this space and time, I will not bow to the cultural pressures indicating that I am inherently evil.

My existence came forth as a combination of choices not of my choosing and therefore I will not apologize for the life given to me.

From the time of my first decisions, I take full responsibility for the resulting actions. This is memory’s blessing not memory’s curse.

Those who would have you apologize for your existence have not fully understood the gift of life. The outward placing of blame is the immediate tendency of the ignorant mind’s lack of responsibility.

Make no mistake, in the scheme of survival there is no scape goat for lack of accountability. Evil is a lie concocted in an unbalanced mind. Unbalanced neural patterns are dangerous to survival and can be transmitted to other neural networks.

My cultural heritage may be permeated with actions of unbalanced minds but I am not condemned to repeat these choices. I claim my right to be free from such nonsensical behavior and endeavor to assert the highest forms of accountability upon my actions.

I will not apologize for my existence and you shouldn't either.

Victimhood stops by choice.

props to my brother, jeremy shockley for the above photo:

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


sometimes freedom comes at the price of preconceived dignity.

to this moment i am in awe of human survival, how we have managed to survive this long with such pathetic usage of our neural networks baffles me.

it would seem that supposition and ignorance are Capital in the human mind and humans are
highly capable of killing themselves off without the help of mama Earth and papa Sun.

Global warming...i'm not worried so much about global warming as i am poisoning. humans are simply dumb to think that they can dump unnaturally concentrated chemical compositions into their water and food sources without disrupting their own health.

i'm worried that as the poisons accumulate, we won't be able to go to the beach, much less survive!

oh silly me, i'm beating the drum of worry and dread into you head, luckily my words will hurt much less than your mutated genes. (too harsh?)

let's put it this way: human greed drives consumption beyond human need and there are plenty of ecological compromises made along the way to wealth. (see
here and here and here and here, etc.)

ecological compromises produce
dangerous mercury levels in aquatic life and the reduction of plant life able to breathe carbon-dioxide.

medication dosages are on the rise
in our "germ-free" world, so take another pill and you'll forget we ever had this conversation and "everything will be alright."