Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Science bests Darwin's survival of the fittest

The manufacturing of drugs to supplement or replace biological deficiencies supplants the evolutionary weeding out of weak genetic lines and “bad” human choices.

(“Bad,” refers in this case, to any decision that endangers a specie’s survival either directly or indirectly. Some humorous examples might be: here & here.)

While Science treats symptoms, large portions of cures remain purely theoretical. (more links: 1 2 3)

There remains hope that neuroscience may rectify this dangerous precedent by validating the direct effect of human choices upon survival.

Cross-modality recognition and acceptance of direct cause & effect of human choice is crucial to crossing the chasm between reactionary science and valid cures.

Symptoms are not causes. Symptoms are transmitted by imbedded cause(s).

Going a bit deeper down the proverbial rabbit hole: All fundamental elements transmit cause(s) through vectored jets that outfit the atom, giving it some intrinsic spin.

Cause determines the operational boundaries of state and is accessible through perceptual alignment, largely channeled through the neural network.

Through the marginalization of the mind’s power, scientific researchers effectively abolish ethical objections to their work by reducing all human responses to rote biological behavior.

Intrinsic sub-atomic spin is responsible for the overall balanced behavior of all atomically based matter. Spin is an energy calculation that completes a circuit.

The human neural network relies upon the completion of energy circuits completed between the outside world and the individual perceptual awareness.

Human choice is essentially an oversight committee of neurons regulating the determination of all underlying perceptual causes.

Choice can be based upon incorrect perceptual processing usually derived from associated misinformation.

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