Thursday, July 10, 2008

neuronic shifts in awareness

self-realization occurs as a mental reflection upon the philosophical juxtaposition of your actions and the exterior world.

these tenuous boundaries determine the prime tenets in current neuronic resonance. the alignment of these tenet resonances with external truth act as anchors against the dangers of false perceptions and false projections.

awareness is constructed around core interconnected webs of knowledge that traverse the brain's lobes amidst sparks of sensory perception.

shifts in awareness are necessary to gain a more complete understanding.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

ladder up

seeking control is dangerous because power easily corrupts the mind's calculation of self.

control must be harnessed by love to produce truth consistent.

hanging on cliff ledges in your mind's bioneuronic arena is good for conceptional balance.

listen to the lilting voices of children and hear the innocence

adults' reflected conceptions upon children set forth mental frame works offering some world-view. in such things, humans must realize and admit the power that love has to grow balanced world-views.

give praise to the life that created a version of you amongst the human consciousness experiment in order to seek the evolution of the species.