Friday, June 6, 2008

give way

turn the mirrors inward were you to find the fallacies wandering around in your consciousness

there lies a root supplying every thought

some thought-roots are planted in rocky sharp soils, others in luscious loam

remember: it matters not the growing conditions, the spirit is always willing

depth is breadth of thought... meaning the more inclusive the mind's web of thoughts, the more balance is needed, thus the greater the stability to be had by a deep consciousness

it would be better to ask about the breadth of one's understanding rather than his or her would be more accurate and more lucid

uncork the flow of genetic creativity, free the mind of individual growing conditions no matter how easy or difficult they were/are

shake out your fears and be confident that all humans feel their spirit calling amongst the clatter & clutter of their lives

listening is accomplished in the mind

your decisions must be firm

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