Friday, January 25, 2008

mental health

Communication is key to reasoning’s web of knowledge. Communication travels as waves traveling like whales, breaching and diving below the surface into the subconscious.

Lines of communication maintain their health by clearing the path with truth. Lies weaken the lines, threatening their health, clogging their paths.

The health of the conscious and sub-conscious minds is played out across memory webs in the brain. Both your waking and dreaming minds matter to your mental health and thus consequentially to your overall health.

Within your webs of memory a construct of reality is built resulting in your worldview.

Pain results from the access of memories filled with false perceptions of reality.

Take care of your health, soothe the pain of eroded communication by aligning your thoughts and actions with truthful realities about your existence.

You must root out falsehoods in memory's web, making them strong and flexible. Your dreams must not be disregarded.

Love is the barometer you must use to shed light on truthful paths.

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