Thursday, August 9, 2007

force calling

The true call of the human mind is to balance
art and science,
release and control.

A balanced mind harnesses control through timed release. Timing is determined by the amount of accumulated knowledge an individual puts to good use.

“Good,” is simply an inherent reflector gauging the amount of truth in all present information.

Timing is everything.

ALL matter is finite.

Human life is finite.

Finite bounded by Infinity
and grafted with Time.

That's life.

Understanding of such finite boundaries,
requires a mind balanced through art and science.

Fluidity and Rigidity are the two programs available for use in the neural pathways.

Rigidity is determined by the amount of neural energy
focused on any limited number of mental calculations.

Fluidity is the antithesis of Rigidity because it allows for overall neural energy flow across perceptual boundaries.

The human mind maintains specie survival through
calculations of reality perception.

An individual's concept of reality will determine his or her reactions to all perceptions. The control and release mechanism wired with time in the mind must first be understood before it can be balanced.

Control the finite but know when its Time to release to lessons of Infinity.

Be fluid in your awareness of the Infinite and
rigid in the assessment of truthful reality.

Perceptions of reality may be distorted
and can endanger life.

Happiness is reached through perceptual-action balancing.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

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Science bests Darwin's survival of the fittest

The manufacturing of drugs to supplement or replace biological deficiencies supplants the evolutionary weeding out of weak genetic lines and “bad” human choices.

(“Bad,” refers in this case, to any decision that endangers a specie’s survival either directly or indirectly. Some humorous examples might be: here & here.)

While Science treats symptoms, large portions of cures remain purely theoretical. (more links: 1 2 3)

There remains hope that neuroscience may rectify this dangerous precedent by validating the direct effect of human choices upon survival.

Cross-modality recognition and acceptance of direct cause & effect of human choice is crucial to crossing the chasm between reactionary science and valid cures.

Symptoms are not causes. Symptoms are transmitted by imbedded cause(s).

Going a bit deeper down the proverbial rabbit hole: All fundamental elements transmit cause(s) through vectored jets that outfit the atom, giving it some intrinsic spin.

Cause determines the operational boundaries of state and is accessible through perceptual alignment, largely channeled through the neural network.

Through the marginalization of the mind’s power, scientific researchers effectively abolish ethical objections to their work by reducing all human responses to rote biological behavior.

Intrinsic sub-atomic spin is responsible for the overall balanced behavior of all atomically based matter. Spin is an energy calculation that completes a circuit.

The human neural network relies upon the completion of energy circuits completed between the outside world and the individual perceptual awareness.

Human choice is essentially an oversight committee of neurons regulating the determination of all underlying perceptual causes.

Choice can be based upon incorrect perceptual processing usually derived from associated misinformation.

i will not say sorry

Although I personally did not choose my existence in this space and time, I will not bow to the cultural pressures indicating that I am inherently evil.

My existence came forth as a combination of choices not of my choosing and therefore I will not apologize for the life given to me.

From the time of my first decisions, I take full responsibility for the resulting actions. This is memory’s blessing not memory’s curse.

Those who would have you apologize for your existence have not fully understood the gift of life. The outward placing of blame is the immediate tendency of the ignorant mind’s lack of responsibility.

Make no mistake, in the scheme of survival there is no scape goat for lack of accountability. Evil is a lie concocted in an unbalanced mind. Unbalanced neural patterns are dangerous to survival and can be transmitted to other neural networks.

My cultural heritage may be permeated with actions of unbalanced minds but I am not condemned to repeat these choices. I claim my right to be free from such nonsensical behavior and endeavor to assert the highest forms of accountability upon my actions.

I will not apologize for my existence and you shouldn't either.

Victimhood stops by choice.

props to my brother, jeremy shockley for the above photo:

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


sometimes freedom comes at the price of preconceived dignity.

to this moment i am in awe of human survival, how we have managed to survive this long with such pathetic usage of our neural networks baffles me.

it would seem that supposition and ignorance are Capital in the human mind and humans are
highly capable of killing themselves off without the help of mama Earth and papa Sun.

Global warming...i'm not worried so much about global warming as i am poisoning. humans are simply dumb to think that they can dump unnaturally concentrated chemical compositions into their water and food sources without disrupting their own health.

i'm worried that as the poisons accumulate, we won't be able to go to the beach, much less survive!

oh silly me, i'm beating the drum of worry and dread into you head, luckily my words will hurt much less than your mutated genes. (too harsh?)

let's put it this way: human greed drives consumption beyond human need and there are plenty of ecological compromises made along the way to wealth. (see
here and here and here and here, etc.)

ecological compromises produce
dangerous mercury levels in aquatic life and the reduction of plant life able to breathe carbon-dioxide.

medication dosages are on the rise
in our "germ-free" world, so take another pill and you'll forget we ever had this conversation and "everything will be alright."