Friday, September 14, 2007

the strength of your grip

your life fluctuates between action and relaxing. too much of either generates stress around the weaker cells in your body.

too much action stresses the system and too much inaction produces stress on the weaker joints
and bones.

learning to maintain the proper control and release mechanisms is tantamount to freeing the informational flow of energy through cell walls thereby strengthening their resistance to stress.

Your body is a circuit of energy carried out as muscle, tissue, bones, cells, etc...

The maintenance of that circuit's flow is crucial to your body to resist stresses of either external or
internal nature.

Your mind has enough generating power to cause excess focus upon physical processes. Your mind is capable of weakening your system's defenses to the point of illness penetration. Not only can your mind make you sick, it can prolong and worsen systemic illness.

For far too long have individuals chosen to ignore parts of their being as integral to the whole.

You cannot monitor a system's health without devoted study of all its parts. Giving heed to the balance between mind and body, strengthens all your
internal systems.

It should go without saying that a strong body-mind connection would increase your vitality and length your time on Earth in your human form.

you came with focused energy and when you leave that energy will disperse.

constantly push your body and mind's boundaries, never let them stagnate or recede but be certain to give them proper rest.

Learn more, stretch more, flex more. strengthen your grip on life.

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