Thursday, September 6, 2007

Crater lake's deep

In the rhythm of your mind, every set of electrical pulses is recorded and then sorted into your memory banks according to body responses.

The emotions invoked during any encounter are electrical surges in the sub-conscious that often recall into the conscious memory.

Meaning that emotions are memory markers that recall patterns of body responses into conscious thought. Crater lake is deep, 1,943 feet (592 meters) deep.

At night the electrical storms are intense due to significant weather patterns that dump over 524 inches of snow annually. We encountered one of these electrical storms for roughly 3 hours + straight. It was exciting! The tent lit up like someone was flashing a spot on it! A few good booms got us snuggling.

We followed that with a little kayaking on the mighty Pacific that brought us close to feeding whales. One whale even gave us a bit of a show when it would come straight out of the water head first with its mouth open and then crash back into the deep as took its catch down through baleen.

Your emotional responses are important to monitor because they hold keys to bodily response memories that can affect your conscious judgments.

The Power to the Peaceful festival is occurring this weekend and I consider Peace a worthy cause. Hate-mongers step aside, Peace needs to reign.

Wars are fought over delusions of grandeur erected in human memory.

Peace soothes the mind, letting it return to a natural rhythm with Nature.

To emulate Thoreau, being "cold and hungry and weary," resets the mind to Nature's tune.

Using Nature as a looking glass, you must look deep into the waters of your mind would you find the calming shores of life.

Peace is achieved in the application of respectful Love.

**Note the beautiful woman in the water above.

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