Monday, October 27, 2008

for the love of a Pinot

Arad, Romania
Aging Romanian oak staves
warming up some barrels
crafting the perfect French oak toast
looking south along the Côte de Nuits
remains of the Morey-St-Denis, Burgundy harvest
just in time for a spook
(C. frugilegus, the Rook)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Three years, a mere drop in time

The last three years of my life have been filled with love.

As I write this my feet are floating above the clouds of Romania thousands of miles from my home.

Even as I remain detached from known soils, I am aware of a well deep in my being connecting me to Amalia.

Love is a beautiful, haunting mystery that occupies the vastness of soul. Far too often love's depths are left unexplored and its blessings left unwrapped.

Within the commitments of our marriage, we have opened doors of mystery and tapped into sources of previously unimaginable beauty.
Wisdom wrapped in patience, compassion blossomed through listening and intimacy reached through bridled lust are but a few lessons learned in these few short years.

As a rosebud slowly opens each petal, its beauty and precious scent washes into the world. Three years ago I had but the conception of such beauty within Amalia's being. Each day, as her woman/person hood develops, I recognize that I am blessed to travel life's width and breadth at her side.

Our journey has not been without trials but our commitment to communication even under duress has provided a stable base to work through our disagreements and misunderstandings.
It is my belief that the keys to human community lie within the dedicated commitments of focused relationships. Humans must first face themselves in such relationships before they can fully understand the greater web of communal life.

Amalia's love calls me to a higher plane, a more complete existence. Her love, her being comforts me like the warm rays of an autumn evening sun. Her gentleness and her grace bring peace and stability to those who know her. Her innocence is tempered by a growing inner strength anchored in the knowledge of what is good and what is true.

Amalia Jude, I am blessed and honored to be your husband, friend and lover. Your love humbles me.

Ti amo

Monday, October 6, 2008

...exploded in my mind

love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love lovelove love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Warrior men

Driven for success, the male species strives to overcome adversities introduced in antiquity. The game is still the same today.

When do you suppose the males of the species will realize self-governance is the next evolution?

As the game of 'who do you trust?,' plays out on the world stage, may we all take this opportunity to recognize the undeniable
instabilities produced by
greed. Yeah, well done!

We are awash in information. The sources are many and increasing. Now seems like a good time to invoke a
Cool Hand Luke response to swirling bullshit as it piles up around you. The warrior must filter and revoke the lies from infecting his perception.

As a good friend of mine once said, "you gotta give back."

Warrior men pay back impeccable actions in thanks for the life given them. A warrior takes a position riding herd above temptations of his ego. With clarity of purpose honed through superb listening skills, the new man faces the future into certainty.

The lenses of history are important weapons against indolence. Stupidity resulting from ignorance is not an endearing trait to be sought.

In terms of the history of everything, it is only within the recent past that the male of the species has taken a familial role.

As with other pursuits, with great gusto a warrior approaches his relationships.

Married warriors treat their women like queens, for in the wiles of the feminine mystery, great pearls of wisdom reside. Were you to listen to her without reserve, you may coax such deep knowledge from her.

Standing in the stead, a warrior embraces many times his load without complaint. There are lessons around every curve.

Warrior men seek efficient communication for deeper awareness. For only when the halls of the inner world are clear can a warrior devote awareness for greater purpose.

Flowing freely a warrior weaves viewpoints in order to follow his greater purpose, a meeting of his full creativity and his genetic history.

Listen to them bicker in the halls of government as machines of their blessings or ignorance come crashing down on Wall Street. These are not the men we are to become. Ours is different path of transcending whims and receding self-importance.

Warrior men are more than their clothes, more than their muscles and their tools...but they are not more than the purpose of their actions.

Warriors must shift freely between student/ teacher states. When called, they lead with grace and resolve and in turn, bow in respect to blessings of wisdom, no matter the source.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

the warrior

Death makes a worthy adversary of a warrior. A warrior may utilize the awareness of his pending demise to promote critical shifts in his awareness.

Every encounter presents a mingling of awarenesses and warriors always seek the higher planes. Lower planes of awareness represent less-comprehensive knowledge.

A warrior seeks knowledge to elevate to wisdom.

Knowledge is the understanding of the technical features, wisdom accesses the creative intent.

A warrior respects the paths of other warriors and celebrates in their diversity, but gives short shrift to those seeking lower paths.

Inefficiency is a warrior's nemesis and a warrior recognizes that intentions behind lower paths waste energies through muddled comprehension.

All energies seek balance and human activities are no exception. The awakening and growth of the human consciousness through various computations of self and external reality have played out over history.

In the long-run, the diaspora of belief systems is/was inevitable. Clashing belief systems can lead to disagreements.

All other means must be exhausted before a warrior resorts to the use of force.

Excellent listeners warriors must become through a ruthlessness about self-pity.

A warrior should not regret his or her beginnings. Healing begins when a warrior chooses to take up the yoke of self-care and see it through to natural behavior.

Natural is different from Innate. Innate are the body's reactions, natural is the flow of efficient behavior.

The path of impeccability calls always for a warrior's tread. Impeccability climbs to higher planes of awareness, broader fields of wisdom. The view is through the heart pierced in the mind.

Warriors will find the efficiency of an impeccable path leads to a pleasant flow of action conducive to healthy living.

For too long have exaggerated sexes dominated history. Warriors don't fall prey to pitfalls of self-pity. Warriors free their self-worth from distracting projections of exaggerated self.

Deciphering undercurrents of the sub-conscious, a warrior heeds dreaming. Warriors learn to stay present while riding emotional waves.

They do not behave to be right, they do it to be impeccable.

Step backward through the shroud of time to see the dimensionless truth haunting your mind, heed its direction. Then strive to balance your core in order to move your awareness with confidence.

Warriors eliminate qualifiers from their communication.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

pyramid of paragon

in the shine of the eyes, love may be amplified with patience

for in the waiting, perspectives may change
possibly for the wiser.

as windows to life's creative soul, the light of love shining
in your eyes is a directive.

as communal animals we must recognize
that external visions are mirrored inward!

love protects it is not weak.

love is strong and decisive.

love is in action and put it into action we must.

The stifling social rigidity of the pre-sixities created a bubble bursting with drug-infused notions of free love. Love is not free, love requires dedication.

a core tenet of survival directives,
humans respond to love's beacon

build a paragon life following love's direction.

as love begets love, unlove begets unlove

Thursday, September 11, 2008

the spirit draws near

The conception of spirit is shrouded by projections of upbringing.

Spirit is the totality of creative life force present.

The human development of religion as conceptualization of human connection to spirit has taken many forms amongst Earth's cultures. The form of spiritual enlightenment varies according to the religion.

Taking account of the past, one may rectify the future by breaking down constructed inner hindrances to a path of impeccability.

Impeccable warriors heed silent knowledge's lessons.

A new type of warrior is emerging efficiently on the impeccable way.

next topic: efficiency amongst efficienados

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a few recent adventure pictures

andrew gettin' ready to race...
and with Como in Colorado wilderness
tim, erica and amalia goofin'round
at the Denver Musuem of Natural History
amalia watching for wolves
fun at Castle Geyser
tree bones in Yellowstone
windy in geyser basin
shadowy figures on mammoth hot springs
final Colorado sunset

Sunday, September 7, 2008

transcend and include*

Digesting the wildness and wilderness we recently experienced in Colorado and Wyoming, i realized that deep down at the level of fear, where proximity to Grizzlies and Wolves redefines one's sense of self, the moment must be consulted for measures of truthful perceptions.

Yellowstone was/is wonderful.
(Interesting people watching too.)

Like window shoppers we drove through, waiting for something wild to alight before us. The wildness-shopping adventurers came in all shapes, sizes and colors to gawk at the wild things contained. Unfortunately my perception of the general state of humanity and Americans in particular, was
not generally improved.

We should be thankful that we still have these windows into wilderness left. Dare i say we should be paying homage to these places with lean, healthy bodies, instead of getting winded walking 200 yards?

Pixar's latest, WALL-E paints a sad reality packaged in shiny cuteness; for when the crowning moment of humanity is being able to stand and walk, you know something's amiss
in the mind-body connectivity.

i have since realized that humans are both self-domesticating and self-convicted. They build structures to contain themselves and their "properties," and are convicted by whatever ideology they choose to follow.

a useful hint: ideological encroachment is most effective as a learning tool for the soul.

The preponderance of the soul as the ideological house of your creative life force, is simple in comparison to the web of ideological clashes facing humanity.

Don't we see that as a child absorbs the ideological hand-me-downs of parents and community,
his or her behavior and belief systems develop?

If the fate of our children are held in incompetent arms,
must delve inward for answers.

Children's education is a based upon historically held beliefs.

Historical belief systems were
once geographically isolated but are thus no more.

Ideology clashes threaten survival
so self-limitations should be enforced.

Review the logical juxtaposition of "self"
and the external world.

The removal of logical inconsistencies promotes
efficiency of thoughts and actions thereby improving chances for knowledge and wisdom to accumulate.

Self-limitation is behavioral evolution.

"The average man acts only if there is the chance for profit. Warriors say they act not for profit but for the spirit."
The Power of Silence by Carlos Castaneda

*The title phrase, "transcend and include," is a prime tenet of Ken Wilber's work accessed HERE.

Monday, July 28, 2008

a bright spot

well after a fairly rough start to the week, i encountered a bright spot waiting on my doorstep at home. my Raichle Montagna boots have been repaired and resoled, and the new Vibram rubber looks like fun. we got lugs!

these boots have become like good, comfortable friends over the span of our currently thirteen year old relationship...and i'm looking forward to our upcoming foray into the Rockies.

Thanks to Cobbler Dave Page out of Seattle for the quality repair!

they just don't make boots like they used to...cliche but true.

age-worthy denotes efficient use of materials!!!

hopefully the resistance met today will yield learning for tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the Efficienado movement

only a cohesive groundswell of ecologically-minded individuals can stand a chance of changing the course of destructive consumption occurring in the world today.

perhaps such education cannot be spread in time to stem the toxic backlash facing Earth's humanity.

as greedy producers chant, "Get ______ quick!" slogans, the population's addiction to the silver-bullet philosophy leaches production byproducts into our environment and leaves mounds of "attractive" packaging to fill our landfills and litter our oceans.

the aggressive consumption model derives from a blitzkrieg of information and advertisements that draw consumers into wasteful buying patterns.

for humanity to produce a functional alternative to such mass degradation of resources, it must first purge itself of aggressive individualism coupled with excessive feelings of entitlement.

the population must wrest back control of their minds in order to see the wasteland developing in the wake of greed.

Efficiency must be redefined to include calculations of health and well-being for all affected ecosystems and their members.

As Efficienados, the emerging conscious humans will recognize that while tool usage is responsible for their specie's survival, the supposed necessity of said tools must be weighed for all cultural and ecological impacts.

tools reducing ecological or individual health, directly or indirectly, should be either improved or eliminated.

Efficienados will consider their actions for all health benefits, either internal or external in kind. They will filter their consumptive behavior for wasteful purchases.

connoisseurs of efficiency will know that contentment is a product of inner balance displayed through external acts of conservation.

only such cohesive awareness may topple vestiges of greed.

Nate Ackerman Wilhelm Ackermann Sergei Adian Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz Alice Ambrose Alan Ross Anderson Peter Andrews Aristotle Bahmanyar Alexander Bain Stefan Banach Yehoshua Bar-Hillel Henk Barendregt Jon Barwise James Earl Baumgartner Nuel Belnap Paul Benacerraf Johan van Benthem Paul Bernays Evert Willem Beth Jean-Yves Beziau David Blitz Jozef Maria Bochenski Bernard Bolzano Andrea Bonomi George Boole George Boolos Nicolas Bourbaki Luitzen Egbertus Jan Brouwer Francis Burgersdyk Georg Ferdinand Cantor Rudolf Carnap Lewis Carroll Chrysippus Alonzo Church Leon Chwistek Paul Joseph Cohen Garlandus Compotista S. Barry Cooper Newton da Costa William Craig Haskell Curry Tadeusz Czezowski T. Edward Damer Martin Davis Augustus De Morgan Dharmakirti Dignaga Stephen Donaho Michael A. E. Dummett Alexander Esenin-Volpin John Etchemendy Solomon Feferman Richard Ferrybridge Hartry Field Kit Fine Matthew Foreman Michael Fourman Adolf Fraenkel Roland Fraisse Gottlob Frege Harvey Friedman Dov Gabbay L. T. F. Gamut Robin Gandy Sol Garfunkel Aksapada Gautama Peter Geach Gerhard Gentzen Joseph Diaz Gergonne Jean-Yves Girard Kurt Godel Jeroen Groenendijk Susan Haack Petr Hajek Leo Harrington Robert S. Hartman Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Jean Van Heijenoort Leon Henkin Jacques Herbrand Arend Heyting David Hilbert Jaakko Hintikka Alfred Horn William Alvin Howard Ehud Hrushovski Lyubomir Ivanov Giorgi Japaridze Stanislaw Jaskowski Richard Jeffrey Ronald Jensen William Stanley Jevons William Ernest Johnson Dick de Jongh Bjarni Jonsson Philip Jourdain David Kaplan Alexander S. Kechris Stephen Cole Kleene Bakhadyr (Bakh) Khoussainov David Kolb Tadeusz Kotarbinski Robert Kowalski Georg Kreisel Saul Kripke Leopold Kronecker Christine Ladd-Franklin M. C. Laskowski Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Stanislaw Lesniewski Clarence Irving Lewis David Lewis David Kellogg Lewis Adolf Lindenbaum Martin Lob Paul Lorenzen Jerzy Los Rudolf Hermann Lotze Leopold Lowenheim Jan Lukasiewicz Hugh MacColl Saunders MacLane Dugald Macpherson Penelope Maddy David Makinson Isaac Malitz Ruth Barcan Marcus Per Martin-Lof Donald A. Martin Richard Milton Martin Yuri Matiyasevich C. A. Meredith John Stuart Mill Richard Montague Yiannis N. Moschovakis Andrzej Mostowski Edward Nelson John von Neumann Jean Nicod Pyotr Sergeyevich Novikov William of Ockham Piergiorgio Odifreddi Ivan Orlov Jeff Paris Charles Parsons Solomon Passy Giuseppe Peano Charles Peirce Charles Sanders Peirce Chaim Perelman Walter Pitts Emil Leon Post Dag Prawitz Mojzesz Presburger Graham Priest Arthur Prior Hilary Putnam Willard Van Orman Quine Michael O. Rabin Constantin Radulescu-Motru Frank Plumpton Ramsey Helena Rasiowa Carveth Read Abraham Robinson Raphael M. Robinson Hartley Rogers, Jr J. Barkley Rosser Richard Routley Bertrand Russell Gerald Sacks Albert of Saxony Helmut Schwichtenberg Rolf Schock Moses Schonfinkel Ernst Schroder Dana Scott Duns Scotus John Duns Scotus Fyodor Shcherbatskoy Saharon Shelah William of Sherwood Hui Shi Christoph von Sigwart Raghunatha Siromani Thoralf Skolem Dimiter Skordev Theodore Slaman Raymond Smullyan Robert M. Solovay Peter of Spain John R. Steel Martin Stokhof Nyaya Sutras Richard Sylvan Gaisi Takeuti Alfred Tarski Pavel Tichy Anne Sjerp Troelstra Alan Turing Kazimierz Twardowski Udayana Alasdair Urquhart Nicolai A. Vasiliev Robert Lawson Vaught Paul of Venice John Venn Hao Wang Isaac Watts Richard Whately Alfred North Whitehead Ludwig Wittgenstein W. Hugh Woodin Georg Henrik von Wright Jin Yuelin Lotfi Zadeh Ernst Zermelo Zhuangzi Aleksandr Zinovyev

Thursday, July 10, 2008

neuronic shifts in awareness

self-realization occurs as a mental reflection upon the philosophical juxtaposition of your actions and the exterior world.

these tenuous boundaries determine the prime tenets in current neuronic resonance. the alignment of these tenet resonances with external truth act as anchors against the dangers of false perceptions and false projections.

awareness is constructed around core interconnected webs of knowledge that traverse the brain's lobes amidst sparks of sensory perception.

shifts in awareness are necessary to gain a more complete understanding.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

ladder up

seeking control is dangerous because power easily corrupts the mind's calculation of self.

control must be harnessed by love to produce truth consistent.

hanging on cliff ledges in your mind's bioneuronic arena is good for conceptional balance.

listen to the lilting voices of children and hear the innocence

adults' reflected conceptions upon children set forth mental frame works offering some world-view. in such things, humans must realize and admit the power that love has to grow balanced world-views.

give praise to the life that created a version of you amongst the human consciousness experiment in order to seek the evolution of the species.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

changing tides

humanity may one day learn to swallow its ego but until then it is up to us as individuals to harness the life blessed us through recognition of the innate symbiotic nature of our existence.

nothing exists in a vacuum, humans are no exception.

your digestive tract relies upon a symbiotic relationship with independent intestinal microbiota and these types of relationships abound and bind the natural living world.

if we are to believe that our species evolved from this planet, we must recognize and understand the implications of unchecked resource consumption and population growth propagated by humans.

would be funny if humans scratched and scrawled all the way up the species chain only to decimate their environment for vanity's greed-ful sake...cosmically funny of course.

wake up and breath brethren, we are all here together sharing this air, drinking this water and tilling this soil.

decode your existence through
the media absorbed throughout your life.

who are you without l'accoutrement?

we have sacrificed savage nobility of the wild for posturing and preening in concrete jungles

...yet growing in depth and understanding is the need for balance within the human consciousness.

as a male i recognize the often brutal history of patriarchal dominance and believe that our specie's evolution requires a new mode of man. a man who seeks balance internally and externally.

men who can swallow their pride in order that they may learn from any situation. men who reason out that love leads the most balanced way of living.

the nouveau man recognizes that attention leads often to consent, and thus he guards his thoughts, paying close attention to the surrounding sources of information for lies and truth.

these evolved men are unafraid of leading with integrity and will forgo their dignity for love's sake.

accomplish accountability achievements adinkra admission alignment allegiance American Idol amulet android anger apology artist's way ashes atom bacon balance bird song bite Blade Runner blue body bombs boundaries bounty brain breeze Camel Cancer cause champion Chinese Choice Christianity clarity coffee cold Colorado complacency computational confidence confusion control corporation corruption courage crater lake creativity Creflo Dollar crow cure Darwin daughter deadly death debt decrease deep democracy destruction diabetes dignity dirt disease dissent caution divergence divided Dorothy Dobbins dragon dream drugs Durango eagle earth emotion energy enforce equal exploitation fades faith family fate fear female filled Finite fire fire clan Fluid four corners fourth world free freedom future global warming god google greed guilt habit happiness hate hawk health care heaven Heavy Weight Dub Champion here hopi humility I Ching ignorance improve Infinity inner voice integrity Iraq journey justice law liberty lies life logic love lover majesty male manufacturing medicine mega-church memory mesa verde mind modesty money moral mother earth mountain mountain biking movie Mt. Tam Muslim nation natural natural laws nature Needle neural neuroscience noble now Obscurity ocean October old organic Otium overflowing Pacific particle path peace perception phoenix Pinot Noir poison policy politics Poseidon positive affirmation power power to the peaceful present President Bush profit prudence qian questions reality rebirth red release resources respect responsibility Ridley Scott Rigid rising rocks royalty science fiction sea seeds Senate sex shame silence snakes soil space spirit stalwart stess strength suicide summit sun survival Tacoma terror Thoreau thought thunder time tree trigram trust truth vessel victim virus visibility voice war warrior waste water waves Wedding Maiden whales wheel of time White House wholeness willpower wind wisdom work worldview Yang Yin young Barack Obama Hillary Clinton Sarah Palin John McCain election Lehmann Brothers AIG Bear Stearns Bank of America Wall Street Main Street financial crisis Federal Reserve Bernanke Phil Gramm George Bush Karl Rove Dick Cheney CNN ABC CBS

Monday, June 30, 2008

the primary projection

under rock and foot, complexity requires symbiosis

perceptions collected in the mind and body are filtered through levels of ego

anthropomorphic projections distort reality
thereby clouding its assessment

the primary projection of self lies
at the edges of your perception

consult the vagueness at the boundaries of your
consciousness, were you
to shake the apathy from your awareness

never act half-cocked

always seek the half-understood

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Have Purpose, Be Purpose

Heard above the din, a piercing lightness fills our beings with
life awareness.

Such awareness is free to construe perceptions into
patterns of attention.

Attention is the neural frequency concentration about any one or set(s) of subjects. Attention can easily be confined about a "rut" set of thoughts manifested in action.

Mental/Physical ruts frame world-views.

How you choose to frame the piercing lightness inhabiting your genes, determines your place amongst humanity?

have purpose, be purpose

*click on masthead picture for better resolution

Friday, June 6, 2008

give way

turn the mirrors inward were you to find the fallacies wandering around in your consciousness

there lies a root supplying every thought

some thought-roots are planted in rocky sharp soils, others in luscious loam

remember: it matters not the growing conditions, the spirit is always willing

depth is breadth of thought... meaning the more inclusive the mind's web of thoughts, the more balance is needed, thus the greater the stability to be had by a deep consciousness

it would be better to ask about the breadth of one's understanding rather than his or her would be more accurate and more lucid

uncork the flow of genetic creativity, free the mind of individual growing conditions no matter how easy or difficult they were/are

shake out your fears and be confident that all humans feel their spirit calling amongst the clatter & clutter of their lives

listening is accomplished in the mind

your decisions must be firm

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

applause for no one

wonderful animosity floating through my mind, carrying me lightly across a landscape of thought

will naked in the silence gives up its secrets slowly

all this constant chatter clutters the mental landscape with frameworks of ego

i hear death whispering in my dreams, saying hope must be cradled gently to extract the sweet nectar of life

projecting ever ahead, anchored in the constant now

love's call beckons me deeper

Monday, April 14, 2008

marriage counseling

communication is the prime necessity in any relationship.

having attended several workshops, Amalia and i have seen the bitter ends of relationships where the couple hadn't communicated effectively in 10-plus years,
and it isn't fun and certainly isn't a happy time.

relationships are a funny thing. most relationships start out of chance meetings that blossom rather rapidly into significant time spent together.

with your friends, you've probably had years to communicate your feelings, but in romantic relationships the get-to-know-each-other phase is accelerated in proportion to the time spent together. thus communication is crucial to the health of the relationship.

we all arrive into relationships carrying our world-view with baggage.

recognizing that mental baggage has a direct affect on the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently, it is important that each individual first seek truthful introspection. meaning that you must strive to come to peace with your past and your present in order to give your relationship a future.

one exercise we learned helped eliminate listening issues projected by the self. we sat in a large circle in a yurt overlooking the ocean, each couple sitting facing each other knees to knees. when prompted one of us would start a two-minute diatribe sparked by some beginning phrase, such as, "I feel angry when...".

after the time allotted, the other one of us would start with the phrase, "what I heard you say was...," followed by a recanting of all that you had heard said. once you had finished restating as much as you remembered, you would then ask, "did I hear you correctly?" if not, the speaker simply stated, "No," without explanation; thereby leaving you to continue rehashing your understanding until correct.

we now use this method to both understand and to be heard correctly without tempers flaring and or indignation rearing its ugly head.

have you really heard your partner? do you understand the history shaping his or her world-view?

another important aspect i learned that afternoon was that feeling heard diminishes anger and resentment very significantly. sometimes just being heard is sufficient to make the issue vanish from care.

these types of interchange are crucial to the relationship's healthy growth. they serve as insights into the other's perspective, making his or her actions understandable. to understand is to gain respect for their opinions, making them as weighty as yours.

effective communication takes work to start but the end results are a life blessed with love.

love is respect-in-action. to love fully, communicate truthfully without hesitation.

*the above mentioned exercise was part of a Warren Farrell workshop we attended. see the side post of interesting links to find out about Mr. Farrell, or click HERE.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

trifecta of your existence, one poem

blessed is the creative life-force rushing through the atoms in your days.

honed at the duality of wave and particle, your yin and yang sides meet to exchange light and dark energy in your mind.

sensing its presence in the world around it, your body is a genetic gateway awash in the universal creative flow.

balance leads to long life
Niels Bohr Max Born Louis de Broglie Nicolaus Copernicus Marie Curie Paul Dirac Albert Einstein Michael Faraday Enrico Fermi Richard Phillips Feynman Edmond Halley Stephen Hawking Werner Karl Heisenberg Edwin Powell Hubble Lord Kelvin Johannes Kepler Irving Langmuir James Clerk Maxwell Robert Andrews Millikan Sir Isaac Newton Blaise Pascal Wolfgang Ernst Pauli Max Planck Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen Sir Ernest Rutherford Erwin Schroedinger Sir Joseph John Thomso Hideki Yukawa

Monday, April 7, 2008

Two years plus of marriage

So the story goes briefly like this:

I, who up until that point was not considering marriage anywhere in the future, was riding a train in France from Paris to Bordeaux reading a book that had thrice hitherto confused me. Hidden in the texts of Steppenwolf lay the key connector between the vision of a door and my viewpoint. Once the mystery vanished in my mind I was left to understand i. Nor more was I to be an I, but an i.

When the ego of I disappeared into i, i realized i had reached the end of myself and found a door. It stood outlined against the end of my mind, in testament to love.

i realized at that moment that i was incomplete. Beyond that door lay love.

Two years plus into our marriage i am stunned beyond measure at the complexities and intricacies of love.

To learn to accept your idiosyncrasies and carve off the rough edges is a wonderfully, at-times scary phenomenon. Love is nothing to balk at, love demands constant attention and respect; and within its release are wonders and delights well beyond oneness.

To speak your heart is to speak Love.

At the bottom of the whole smelly, warm, genetic bottom of it all, love's whisper continually sings out. The way to know love is to listen effectively and without judgment. In that way you give proper respect to the speaker.

Recognizing the projections of I upon another's statements helps bring misconceptions into the mind's view. Love softens the self making more receptive its senses. And receptivity is two-thumbs up good for relationships!

We have learned to speak our minds and to be heard. Both fairly equal in number.

Respecting, caring, releasing and loving are natural stages of our love in action. It is within these self polishers that growth is nurtured and love is cultivated.

Communication was the Key to letting my true self out from beyond selfish mirrors and into Love more fully and deeply than I had ever thought possible.

It is within the racing heartbeat and warm embraces, that i have found my Amalia lovelier than ever. We consider everyday better than the last because we strive to make it so.

We fight rarely and weakly now because the fierceness has gone out of the bite.

One of Love's greatest lessons learned thus far is humility in action. Within humility lies the strength to learn love's lessons and watch them blossom into more complete humans, more evolved souls.

To communicate effectively and with hearts and ears open to change, doors give way to brilliant moments of light and love. there is no doubt:

Amalia Jude takes my breath away.
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Health, the final human frontier

Human civilization breeds unhealthy people across many cultures. In nature however, unhealthy living kills.

The western concept of health is flawed because it's primarily a reactive model. Western hospitals are mainly concerned with halting sickness versus pro-actively stimulating healthy living.

As the politicos debate health care insurance coverage, the system bleeds money into the pockets of well connected drug companies.

The western health system has failed to promote holistic wellness by viewing its role as "in case of emergency," only.

This type of system generally rewards unhealthy habits with pharmaceutical compensations.

Obesity and diabetes occur frequently in such systems due to unhealthy diets and lack of exercise. Essentially, obesity and diabetes have been bred into the human race.

Further evidence of this type of system's failure can be witnessed in the society's reaction to health crises such as cancer.

Cancer is currently viewed as something to be cured instead of something to be avoided. Instead of pointing the microscopes at the disease and marching to find a cure, perhaps the same fervor and resources should be spent rooting out all sources of carcinogens and stopping them from entering our bodies.

Carcinogens accumulate in the body and develop into a myriad of cancers; and yet surprisingly, society allows trace plus amounts to be manufactured and enter our environment.

If the system were turned on its head and health care centers served primarily to educate and lead citizens in a healthy lifestyle, insurance rates would drop as emergencies decreased.

Comprehensive health centers should be lively places of healing and rejuvenation. Surely emergency centers must endure but the model must shift to encourage community involvement in health stimulating programs such as yoga and cooking for your health. Stimulating and supporting the body's natural healthy responses in these ways will improve the overall health of the member and the community.

Healthcare costs will decrease as community health improves, thereby eliminating opportunist drug companies by capping pharmaceutical profits naturally.

Such health care approaches would produce ripple effects on agriculture via the promotion of sustainable and organic farming practices, which in turn would limit the chemical exposure of agricultural workers and the end consumers.

Rippling further, manufacturing and production industries would be continually evaluated in order to limit the environmental introduction of chemicals hazardous to our health. Thus, the health of waterways would improve and natural balances would be restored through diversity.

The advancement of a society to a sustainable state must involve such comprehensive health care centers and systems.

It makes no difference if humans conquer space because they continue to carry flawed concepts of health with them.

Remember: A consistent health maintenance program including organic and sustainably raised foods (which contain the most nutrients thereby decreasing necessary consumption quantities) and yoga and exercises (which stimulate the body's natural defenses), contains the power to a healthier you, a healthier society and a healthier environment.

If you don't have your health, expect death sooner.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

God is nobody

Michael West Photography, © 2008

The inverse proportion between downer feelings and comprehensive reality percentages means that as the individual mind increases its comprehensive understanding of its real surroundings, the amount of downer negativity experienced decreases.

Downer negativity is a result of thought refraction of truth via the introduction of lies, which produce a negative draw on the neural system.

Neural scattering, caused by lie introduction, results in the miscategorization and miscataloging of crucial perceptual information pertaining to the body's accumulated history.

A comprehensive understanding of the mind-body's connection to its surrounding reality depends on a neural web of accumulated truthful perceptions.

Falsities/ 'lies' fracture the neural flow thereby decreasing its efficiency, thus limiting the individual's comprehensive reality.

Questions categorize and catalog perceptions across the history of your life.

The body's manifestations of the mind's perceptions ultimately determine life's pattern.

Time cycles between extremities of existence and history builds complexity amongst neural web patterns.

God is nobody.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Subjectivity vs. Objectivity

you must breath for every activity. the amount and rate of breath controls the blood's oxygen content, which stimulates cells and burns toxins.

a proper oxygen rate must be sustained throughout any activity for the body to maintain optimal health. therefore the depth and rate must correspond to the requirements of the activity.

the breath depth rate can be neurally controlled.
it has been shown that the breath depth rate control of Tibetan monks may decrease neural activity in the posterior superior parietal lobe near the crown of the head.

neural states affect the level of neuron activity available for breath's depth rate calculations.

neural states exist of configurations of neural energy cycles maintaining some overall neural energy flow in the brain.

the addition of "meaning" to a neural state occurs as a correlation between the current neural flow and neural flow archives in memory.

Movement between subjective and objective neural states allows for perspective juxtaposition necessary to discern the validity of all neural flows in memory.

Monday, February 25, 2008

magnetic polars

At the maximum compression of all particle matter, magnetic polars spin on their axes.

All corresponding matter has an attractive overall magnetic flow concentrated about the spinning polars.

so what, who cares?

it means that polar flow anchors all existence and these polar flows can be seen.

Conceptualization lies outside reality in the metaphysical layer. The metaphysical layer is bounded by all the energy configurations possible in current reality. Reality is composed of magnetic polars at the core directing overall energy flow.

Ranges of light produce levels of energy radiation that provides the proper temperature range for life growth allowing for these words.

Resetting the neural network is necessary to expand conceptualization of current reality.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

the human buyer's condition

Distortions may mislead the buyer of anything.

Careful what you buy with your money or your time.

History must be regarded for errors begat by distortions so that the human mind may evolve.

Hidden in the corners of neural memory webs distortions lie/falsify. Seeking speedy recognition of truth parameters moves the process along.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

raising the dead*

born under a warm sun, your humanity lives and dies.

within the solar system's gravitational boundaries, life flourishes within the nearest sun's light showers.

humanity is but one of the life forms existing on earth and human history is a story about the illumination of self-awareness.

with proliferating modes of communication, spanning since humans carved symbols, comes language differences expressing their history of beliefs, which often spawn misunderstandings amongst the masses.

accessing the appropriate portions of science and philosophy, the soul of life fills to the brim of genetic expression to Higher Understanding.

that which bore your ancestral history to its current line of Higher Understanding, must analyze the philosophy which bears you now, lest you endanger yourself and others with delusions of self-need.

wake up your mind's eye, take control of your knowledge's destiny leading to
Higher Understanding of body, space and time.

*thanks to Apostle's lyrics & Patch's symbols

Sunday, January 27, 2008

neural soul tendencies

Down at the bottom of the proverbial rabbit hole, neurons are fractured like lightning across your memory lobes. Ignition requires sparks of recognition.

Your environment bore you and thus affects you. The patterns of recognition occurring around you are both learned and taught.

There is a war for your attention. Warning: media may be addictive.

Neural corruption may occur both at home and wary of the money.

Breaking it down

You have a soul meant to live. Your soul is fighting for the alignment of your mind and body in order to gain freedom.

Don't let your world-view enslave your soul's wary of the "self."

Friday, January 25, 2008

economies to scale

Markets are cyclical. Greedy markets willingly exceed the debt to income ratio through the selling of artificially low prices built in economies with lower standards of living.

The standard citizen should be counted as ignorant of market realities and thus the government must protect them from tempting ARMortgage wolves and should promote healthy debt to income ratios.

Consumers tempted by low introductory interest rates drown themselves in debt to keep up with the Joneses. Fact is many humans have survived in a more peaceful fashion with much less accoutrement.

Civilization by nature requires respect for life. We are not civilized, we live behind bars and accumulate shit we don't need. To be civilized we would know the nature of the sustenance of our existence and would act respectfully towards all its aspects.

Humans are confused with the fact that their logic is juxtaposed against the nature of reality and can thus be distorted by false perceptions.

As sheep, the majority consumer buys into the propagated media selling their advertisers and we accumulate cheap labor's products. Recession based upon greedy speculation is natural.

All markets of all income levels are inextricably linked to the Earth's cache of natural resources and is thus bound to the nature of their extraction. Destructive extraction leads to non-sustainable resource banks and often opportunity health costs.

Debt enslaves.

Justified economic freedom comes from the support of environmentally-responsible companies supporting local markets via the production of quality goods at reasonable prices and governmental protection from those non-financially/non-environmentally-responsible businesses seeking greedy profits.

Overconsumption begins in the mind and emanates via financial channels. Overconsumption is by nature self-defeating. Recessions will occur around governments more concerned with self-wealth propagation through war productions. The formula is fairly simple: wars create need and the contracts to fill those needs are carefully managed by politicians being courted by professional lobbyists with lots of money. Let's go to war boys!

The fact that the board of the Federal Reserve system did not see the mortgage crisis is indicative of either a decrepit government saddled with excessive paper pushers or shear stupidity. What, selling very expensive homes to people making too little with crazy dangerous adjustable rates with nothing down is the recipe for financial disaster? We didn't see it coming.

WHAT? Aren't you the FEDERAL RESERVE? Aren't you supposed to be the smartest guys in the room?

Hooray, in a show of politician solidarity the government wants to dangle a refund check in our faces to distract us from our soaring debts and convince us to spend more. We have got to boost their approval ratings with a economic rebound!

If the government is willing to sell-out, the responsibility falls directly onto us the end-consumers and
citizens. We must promote local environmentally sustainable companies through our patronage, thereby returning markets to non-inflated levels.

Human history is filled with a myriad of economic models designed for different reasons, but only those harboring resource-respect promote the overall well-being of its citizens.

mental health

Communication is key to reasoning’s web of knowledge. Communication travels as waves traveling like whales, breaching and diving below the surface into the subconscious.

Lines of communication maintain their health by clearing the path with truth. Lies weaken the lines, threatening their health, clogging their paths.

The health of the conscious and sub-conscious minds is played out across memory webs in the brain. Both your waking and dreaming minds matter to your mental health and thus consequentially to your overall health.

Within your webs of memory a construct of reality is built resulting in your worldview.

Pain results from the access of memories filled with false perceptions of reality.

Take care of your health, soothe the pain of eroded communication by aligning your thoughts and actions with truthful realities about your existence.

You must root out falsehoods in memory's web, making them strong and flexible. Your dreams must not be disregarded.

Love is the barometer you must use to shed light on truthful paths.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

star power

on the other side of the tracks is nothing
there is no glory, no accomplishment, just nothing

losing your way you may feel it necessary to think yourself worthless and beyond measure but such things are foolish worldviews built on foundations of sand.

nothingness is the bedrock of existence upon which you should build strong foundations. let not your spirit be tainted by hatred and lies if you would find happiness.

you have nothingness to fear so stand strong, find your inner power and stoke its fires with bites of truth and morsels of understanding, wash them all down with love.

you must first learn to love thyself to start upon your inner journey.

be free from passive voices and distant actions, take up your education with vigor.

hear all voices but let the background symphony of truth light your way. the inward
journey is haunted with ancient fears but the rewards of the passage are beyond measure.

breathe deep and harness your strength to seek peace to be free.