Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Subjectivity vs. Objectivity

you must breath for every activity. the amount and rate of breath controls the blood's oxygen content, which stimulates cells and burns toxins.

a proper oxygen rate must be sustained throughout any activity for the body to maintain optimal health. therefore the depth and rate must correspond to the requirements of the activity.

the breath depth rate can be neurally controlled.
it has been shown that the breath depth rate control of Tibetan monks may decrease neural activity in the posterior superior parietal lobe near the crown of the head.

neural states affect the level of neuron activity available for breath's depth rate calculations.

neural states exist of configurations of neural energy cycles maintaining some overall neural energy flow in the brain.

the addition of "meaning" to a neural state occurs as a correlation between the current neural flow and neural flow archives in memory.

Movement between subjective and objective neural states allows for perspective juxtaposition necessary to discern the validity of all neural flows in memory.

Monday, February 25, 2008

magnetic polars

At the maximum compression of all particle matter, magnetic polars spin on their axes.

All corresponding matter has an attractive overall magnetic flow concentrated about the spinning polars.

so what, who cares?

it means that polar flow anchors all existence and these polar flows can be seen.

Conceptualization lies outside reality in the metaphysical layer. The metaphysical layer is bounded by all the energy configurations possible in current reality. Reality is composed of magnetic polars at the core directing overall energy flow.

Ranges of light produce levels of energy radiation that provides the proper temperature range for life growth allowing for these words.

Resetting the neural network is necessary to expand conceptualization of current reality.