Monday, October 20, 2008

Three years, a mere drop in time

The last three years of my life have been filled with love.

As I write this my feet are floating above the clouds of Romania thousands of miles from my home.

Even as I remain detached from known soils, I am aware of a well deep in my being connecting me to Amalia.

Love is a beautiful, haunting mystery that occupies the vastness of soul. Far too often love's depths are left unexplored and its blessings left unwrapped.

Within the commitments of our marriage, we have opened doors of mystery and tapped into sources of previously unimaginable beauty.
Wisdom wrapped in patience, compassion blossomed through listening and intimacy reached through bridled lust are but a few lessons learned in these few short years.

As a rosebud slowly opens each petal, its beauty and precious scent washes into the world. Three years ago I had but the conception of such beauty within Amalia's being. Each day, as her woman/person hood develops, I recognize that I am blessed to travel life's width and breadth at her side.

Our journey has not been without trials but our commitment to communication even under duress has provided a stable base to work through our disagreements and misunderstandings.
It is my belief that the keys to human community lie within the dedicated commitments of focused relationships. Humans must first face themselves in such relationships before they can fully understand the greater web of communal life.

Amalia's love calls me to a higher plane, a more complete existence. Her love, her being comforts me like the warm rays of an autumn evening sun. Her gentleness and her grace bring peace and stability to those who know her. Her innocence is tempered by a growing inner strength anchored in the knowledge of what is good and what is true.

Amalia Jude, I am blessed and honored to be your husband, friend and lover. Your love humbles me.

Ti amo