Sunday, September 7, 2008

transcend and include*

Digesting the wildness and wilderness we recently experienced in Colorado and Wyoming, i realized that deep down at the level of fear, where proximity to Grizzlies and Wolves redefines one's sense of self, the moment must be consulted for measures of truthful perceptions.

Yellowstone was/is wonderful.
(Interesting people watching too.)

Like window shoppers we drove through, waiting for something wild to alight before us. The wildness-shopping adventurers came in all shapes, sizes and colors to gawk at the wild things contained. Unfortunately my perception of the general state of humanity and Americans in particular, was
not generally improved.

We should be thankful that we still have these windows into wilderness left. Dare i say we should be paying homage to these places with lean, healthy bodies, instead of getting winded walking 200 yards?

Pixar's latest, WALL-E paints a sad reality packaged in shiny cuteness; for when the crowning moment of humanity is being able to stand and walk, you know something's amiss
in the mind-body connectivity.

i have since realized that humans are both self-domesticating and self-convicted. They build structures to contain themselves and their "properties," and are convicted by whatever ideology they choose to follow.

a useful hint: ideological encroachment is most effective as a learning tool for the soul.

The preponderance of the soul as the ideological house of your creative life force, is simple in comparison to the web of ideological clashes facing humanity.

Don't we see that as a child absorbs the ideological hand-me-downs of parents and community,
his or her behavior and belief systems develop?

If the fate of our children are held in incompetent arms,
must delve inward for answers.

Children's education is a based upon historically held beliefs.

Historical belief systems were
once geographically isolated but are thus no more.

Ideology clashes threaten survival
so self-limitations should be enforced.

Review the logical juxtaposition of "self"
and the external world.

The removal of logical inconsistencies promotes
efficiency of thoughts and actions thereby improving chances for knowledge and wisdom to accumulate.

Self-limitation is behavioral evolution.

"The average man acts only if there is the chance for profit. Warriors say they act not for profit but for the spirit."
The Power of Silence by Carlos Castaneda

*The title phrase, "transcend and include," is a prime tenet of Ken Wilber's work accessed HERE.

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