Saturday, July 5, 2008

changing tides

humanity may one day learn to swallow its ego but until then it is up to us as individuals to harness the life blessed us through recognition of the innate symbiotic nature of our existence.

nothing exists in a vacuum, humans are no exception.

your digestive tract relies upon a symbiotic relationship with independent intestinal microbiota and these types of relationships abound and bind the natural living world.

if we are to believe that our species evolved from this planet, we must recognize and understand the implications of unchecked resource consumption and population growth propagated by humans.

would be funny if humans scratched and scrawled all the way up the species chain only to decimate their environment for vanity's greed-ful sake...cosmically funny of course.

wake up and breath brethren, we are all here together sharing this air, drinking this water and tilling this soil.

decode your existence through
the media absorbed throughout your life.

who are you without l'accoutrement?

we have sacrificed savage nobility of the wild for posturing and preening in concrete jungles

...yet growing in depth and understanding is the need for balance within the human consciousness.

as a male i recognize the often brutal history of patriarchal dominance and believe that our specie's evolution requires a new mode of man. a man who seeks balance internally and externally.

men who can swallow their pride in order that they may learn from any situation. men who reason out that love leads the most balanced way of living.

the nouveau man recognizes that attention leads often to consent, and thus he guards his thoughts, paying close attention to the surrounding sources of information for lies and truth.

these evolved men are unafraid of leading with integrity and will forgo their dignity for love's sake.

accomplish accountability achievements adinkra admission alignment allegiance American Idol amulet android anger apology artist's way ashes atom bacon balance bird song bite Blade Runner blue body bombs boundaries bounty brain breeze Camel Cancer cause champion Chinese Choice Christianity clarity coffee cold Colorado complacency computational confidence confusion control corporation corruption courage crater lake creativity Creflo Dollar crow cure Darwin daughter deadly death debt decrease deep democracy destruction diabetes dignity dirt disease dissent caution divergence divided Dorothy Dobbins dragon dream drugs Durango eagle earth emotion energy enforce equal exploitation fades faith family fate fear female filled Finite fire fire clan Fluid four corners fourth world free freedom future global warming god google greed guilt habit happiness hate hawk health care heaven Heavy Weight Dub Champion here hopi humility I Ching ignorance improve Infinity inner voice integrity Iraq journey justice law liberty lies life logic love lover majesty male manufacturing medicine mega-church memory mesa verde mind modesty money moral mother earth mountain mountain biking movie Mt. Tam Muslim nation natural natural laws nature Needle neural neuroscience noble now Obscurity ocean October old organic Otium overflowing Pacific particle path peace perception phoenix Pinot Noir poison policy politics Poseidon positive affirmation power power to the peaceful present President Bush profit prudence qian questions reality rebirth red release resources respect responsibility Ridley Scott Rigid rising rocks royalty science fiction sea seeds Senate sex shame silence snakes soil space spirit stalwart stess strength suicide summit sun survival Tacoma terror Thoreau thought thunder time tree trigram trust truth vessel victim virus visibility voice war warrior waste water waves Wedding Maiden whales wheel of time White House wholeness willpower wind wisdom work worldview Yang Yin young Barack Obama Hillary Clinton Sarah Palin John McCain election Lehmann Brothers AIG Bear Stearns Bank of America Wall Street Main Street financial crisis Federal Reserve Bernanke Phil Gramm George Bush Karl Rove Dick Cheney CNN ABC CBS

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