Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Warrior men

Driven for success, the male species strives to overcome adversities introduced in antiquity. The game is still the same today.

When do you suppose the males of the species will realize self-governance is the next evolution?

As the game of 'who do you trust?,' plays out on the world stage, may we all take this opportunity to recognize the undeniable
instabilities produced by
greed. Yeah, well done!

We are awash in information. The sources are many and increasing. Now seems like a good time to invoke a
Cool Hand Luke response to swirling bullshit as it piles up around you. The warrior must filter and revoke the lies from infecting his perception.

As a good friend of mine once said, "you gotta give back."

Warrior men pay back impeccable actions in thanks for the life given them. A warrior takes a position riding herd above temptations of his ego. With clarity of purpose honed through superb listening skills, the new man faces the future into certainty.

The lenses of history are important weapons against indolence. Stupidity resulting from ignorance is not an endearing trait to be sought.

In terms of the history of everything, it is only within the recent past that the male of the species has taken a familial role.

As with other pursuits, with great gusto a warrior approaches his relationships.

Married warriors treat their women like queens, for in the wiles of the feminine mystery, great pearls of wisdom reside. Were you to listen to her without reserve, you may coax such deep knowledge from her.

Standing in the stead, a warrior embraces many times his load without complaint. There are lessons around every curve.

Warrior men seek efficient communication for deeper awareness. For only when the halls of the inner world are clear can a warrior devote awareness for greater purpose.

Flowing freely a warrior weaves viewpoints in order to follow his greater purpose, a meeting of his full creativity and his genetic history.

Listen to them bicker in the halls of government as machines of their blessings or ignorance come crashing down on Wall Street. These are not the men we are to become. Ours is different path of transcending whims and receding self-importance.

Warrior men are more than their clothes, more than their muscles and their tools...but they are not more than the purpose of their actions.

Warriors must shift freely between student/ teacher states. When called, they lead with grace and resolve and in turn, bow in respect to blessings of wisdom, no matter the source.

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