Sunday, September 21, 2008

the warrior

Death makes a worthy adversary of a warrior. A warrior may utilize the awareness of his pending demise to promote critical shifts in his awareness.

Every encounter presents a mingling of awarenesses and warriors always seek the higher planes. Lower planes of awareness represent less-comprehensive knowledge.

A warrior seeks knowledge to elevate to wisdom.

Knowledge is the understanding of the technical features, wisdom accesses the creative intent.

A warrior respects the paths of other warriors and celebrates in their diversity, but gives short shrift to those seeking lower paths.

Inefficiency is a warrior's nemesis and a warrior recognizes that intentions behind lower paths waste energies through muddled comprehension.

All energies seek balance and human activities are no exception. The awakening and growth of the human consciousness through various computations of self and external reality have played out over history.

In the long-run, the diaspora of belief systems is/was inevitable. Clashing belief systems can lead to disagreements.

All other means must be exhausted before a warrior resorts to the use of force.

Excellent listeners warriors must become through a ruthlessness about self-pity.

A warrior should not regret his or her beginnings. Healing begins when a warrior chooses to take up the yoke of self-care and see it through to natural behavior.

Natural is different from Innate. Innate are the body's reactions, natural is the flow of efficient behavior.

The path of impeccability calls always for a warrior's tread. Impeccability climbs to higher planes of awareness, broader fields of wisdom. The view is through the heart pierced in the mind.

Warriors will find the efficiency of an impeccable path leads to a pleasant flow of action conducive to healthy living.

For too long have exaggerated sexes dominated history. Warriors don't fall prey to pitfalls of self-pity. Warriors free their self-worth from distracting projections of exaggerated self.

Deciphering undercurrents of the sub-conscious, a warrior heeds dreaming. Warriors learn to stay present while riding emotional waves.

They do not behave to be right, they do it to be impeccable.

Step backward through the shroud of time to see the dimensionless truth haunting your mind, heed its direction. Then strive to balance your core in order to move your awareness with confidence.

Warriors eliminate qualifiers from their communication.

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