Saturday, February 2, 2008

raising the dead*

born under a warm sun, your humanity lives and dies.

within the solar system's gravitational boundaries, life flourishes within the nearest sun's light showers.

humanity is but one of the life forms existing on earth and human history is a story about the illumination of self-awareness.

with proliferating modes of communication, spanning since humans carved symbols, comes language differences expressing their history of beliefs, which often spawn misunderstandings amongst the masses.

accessing the appropriate portions of science and philosophy, the soul of life fills to the brim of genetic expression to Higher Understanding.

that which bore your ancestral history to its current line of Higher Understanding, must analyze the philosophy which bears you now, lest you endanger yourself and others with delusions of self-need.

wake up your mind's eye, take control of your knowledge's destiny leading to
Higher Understanding of body, space and time.

*thanks to Apostle's lyrics & Patch's symbols

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Brother.