Thursday, January 17, 2008

star power

on the other side of the tracks is nothing
there is no glory, no accomplishment, just nothing

losing your way you may feel it necessary to think yourself worthless and beyond measure but such things are foolish worldviews built on foundations of sand.

nothingness is the bedrock of existence upon which you should build strong foundations. let not your spirit be tainted by hatred and lies if you would find happiness.

you have nothingness to fear so stand strong, find your inner power and stoke its fires with bites of truth and morsels of understanding, wash them all down with love.

you must first learn to love thyself to start upon your inner journey.

be free from passive voices and distant actions, take up your education with vigor.

hear all voices but let the background symphony of truth light your way. the inward
journey is haunted with ancient fears but the rewards of the passage are beyond measure.

breathe deep and harness your strength to seek peace to be free.

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POV said...

Amen and Thank Ye Paddy