Monday, September 17, 2007

In the Time of War

Let not our eyes go blind and our ears deaf to the beauty of this nation. Surely we have had our struggles and doubts, yet our freedom continues.

Political corruption is a blight upon the strength and wisdom this nation has fostered since the difficult days of its founding. Beware your freedom is not threatened by malfeasance in the hallowed offices of those set to speak on the people’s behalf.

For far too long have we let those with vested interests arrange the policies of our lives. Burying our educated heads in the sands of time will not bring peace to the war-torn soils of Mama Earth.

Let not the vigor of our youth be mired by war-mongering fools who care more for their padded offices than their constituencies. We have become too dependent on our government and it in turn has grown overburdened and unwieldy.

Was it not the founding fathers vision to create a nation strong, independent and free? We are not free, we are deeply in debts which cannot go on unpaid forever.

Those who don’t believe in change suffer the most for their pride.

Ignorance is not a virtue it’s a virus.

Enough strength remains in our combined freedom to repair this divided nation.
We were not the first inhabitants here, let’s not be the last.

In the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, peace always trumps war.

Never miss an opportunity for peace.

one man standing sincerely

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