Wednesday, August 8, 2007

i will not say sorry

Although I personally did not choose my existence in this space and time, I will not bow to the cultural pressures indicating that I am inherently evil.

My existence came forth as a combination of choices not of my choosing and therefore I will not apologize for the life given to me.

From the time of my first decisions, I take full responsibility for the resulting actions. This is memory’s blessing not memory’s curse.

Those who would have you apologize for your existence have not fully understood the gift of life. The outward placing of blame is the immediate tendency of the ignorant mind’s lack of responsibility.

Make no mistake, in the scheme of survival there is no scape goat for lack of accountability. Evil is a lie concocted in an unbalanced mind. Unbalanced neural patterns are dangerous to survival and can be transmitted to other neural networks.

My cultural heritage may be permeated with actions of unbalanced minds but I am not condemned to repeat these choices. I claim my right to be free from such nonsensical behavior and endeavor to assert the highest forms of accountability upon my actions.

I will not apologize for my existence and you shouldn't either.

Victimhood stops by choice.

props to my brother, jeremy shockley for the above photo:

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