Thursday, August 9, 2007

force calling

The true call of the human mind is to balance
art and science,
release and control.

A balanced mind harnesses control through timed release. Timing is determined by the amount of accumulated knowledge an individual puts to good use.

“Good,” is simply an inherent reflector gauging the amount of truth in all present information.

Timing is everything.

ALL matter is finite.

Human life is finite.

Finite bounded by Infinity
and grafted with Time.

That's life.

Understanding of such finite boundaries,
requires a mind balanced through art and science.

Fluidity and Rigidity are the two programs available for use in the neural pathways.

Rigidity is determined by the amount of neural energy
focused on any limited number of mental calculations.

Fluidity is the antithesis of Rigidity because it allows for overall neural energy flow across perceptual boundaries.

The human mind maintains specie survival through
calculations of reality perception.

An individual's concept of reality will determine his or her reactions to all perceptions. The control and release mechanism wired with time in the mind must first be understood before it can be balanced.

Control the finite but know when its Time to release to lessons of Infinity.

Be fluid in your awareness of the Infinite and
rigid in the assessment of truthful reality.

Perceptions of reality may be distorted
and can endanger life.

Happiness is reached through perceptual-action balancing.

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