Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Grandmother's dance with Death

On Monday of this week, I attended the memorial service of my Grandmother.

I've been in a funky mood since the morning she died on August 11, 2007.

I decided to write something to say at her funeral and out of respect for her, i will post it here in a digital memorial that is the world wide web.

Here's what I wrote.

For Grandma:

Your life resounds as a symphony of Love
leading the way to redemption and exaltation.

As it is written in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, "...he who humbles himself will be exalted." And how I could hear the angels singing the day you
shed your mortal coil!

There was jubilation at your arrival in our
Heavenly Father's house.

Your humility was shown in the way you always treated others with
respect and understanding.

You loved people with Grace ...and we were all blessed by your presence.

I choose to hold up your life and your marriage of sixty-eight years to Grandpa as a beacon of
God's Loving Light on Earth!


Anonymous said...

Since I got you mom's note about Mom Dobbins death, so many wonderful memories have flooded my mind. Times around the kitchen table at her house--vanilla pickles, her homemade rolls, the amazing gardens--roses in front, vegetables in back--the laughter & stories and the twinkle in her eye as she pinched one of you on the sly. It always seemed she was "up to something!!" Precious lady who opened her heart and home to a lot of us who wandered through. Were you there the summer night that the aurora borealis came across the mountains? WOW!! God's amazing wonders to behold as I sang "How Great Thou Art" in my head while laying on the front lawn. Loved the story of her kicking the elk cow in the rear as it ate on her roses through the snow. Even Pop was amazed at that one! She certainly lived the "pioneer spirit" and was a testimony to the hardiness of those who made lives work & work well in the west. She will be missed, but how wonderful of GOD to leave us our memories so we can take them out to treasure often and feel as though we are all together again. Until I go to join her in our heavenly home with our LOVING LORD, SAVIOR, FATHER, TREASURER OF OUR SOULS and the INDWELLER who so graciously provides & abides until the exit from planet earth........Love you, Aunt B

Jennifer said...

Beautifully written Patrick! My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

pat said...

thank you Aunt B! She was an amazing lady and her presence will remain in the hearts and minds of many. much love to you and the family.