Tuesday, August 7, 2007


sometimes freedom comes at the price of preconceived dignity.

to this moment i am in awe of human survival, how we have managed to survive this long with such pathetic usage of our neural networks baffles me.

it would seem that supposition and ignorance are Capital in the human mind and humans are
highly capable of killing themselves off without the help of mama Earth and papa Sun.

Global warming...i'm not worried so much about global warming as i am poisoning. humans are simply dumb to think that they can dump unnaturally concentrated chemical compositions into their water and food sources without disrupting their own health.

i'm worried that as the poisons accumulate, we won't be able to go to the beach, much less survive!

oh silly me, i'm beating the drum of worry and dread into you head, luckily my words will hurt much less than your mutated genes. (too harsh?)

let's put it this way: human greed drives consumption beyond human need and there are plenty of ecological compromises made along the way to wealth. (see
here and here and here and here, etc.)

ecological compromises produce
dangerous mercury levels in aquatic life and the reduction of plant life able to breathe carbon-dioxide.

medication dosages are on the rise
in our "germ-free" world, so take another pill and you'll forget we ever had this conversation and "everything will be alright."


Ambrose said...

I agree with you that we are disrespecting our space ship (Earth). If we do not change our ways, we will all die. It's that simple.

Since innovation is driven by money and greed, we need to get the government of every country to penalize (fine) those who do wrong and to reward by tax breaks or money, those who do right. It's that simple.

So vote for politicians who have moral stamina and cannot be swayed by lobbyists, for politicians who care about unborn generations, for politians who love God and His creation. It's that simple.

We have the power to change things, by voting for the right people. It's that simple.

Andrew said...

Yes, however an ingrained problem with the human psyche is our overarching inability as a species to do much about problems that aren't immediately in front of us, those that have no immediate mental reward. If there was a Hostess Cupcake attached at the end of solving societal challenges, I'm sure we'd be much further along.

Still, in a more productive vain, these ephemeral processing traits no doubt served our subsistence (read: ancient) ancestors well. Their world required using and creating the basic elements of survival from the land, whereas our lives today differ from this terrifically. Evolution is a slow process and unfortunately survival characteristics built into our genes probably limit us. This is not an excuse, but a "handicap.” Our frequent failure today to see much past a half-generation is debilitating.

While I respect the spirit of what Ambrose says, unfortunately nothing is just "that simple" because defining pure right and pure wrong can't be that simple. And, frankly, I don't believe we want it to be. For then, where would the beauty of discussion and collaboration have its place? There is a renewed place for strong common sense in our society at an individual level as well as within the larger scope of cultural/economic/political challenges. I hope ours and coming generations can use new cultural freedoms and decreasing absence of old standards and norms as a platform to break down barriers and promote broad-scale advances in our global society. I also hope these 'cultural freedoms and decreasing standards' are not purely built on a platform of runaway consumerism. I don't believe this is ultimately sustainable or fulfilling.

As a stub into the world of renewed social relationships outside of cyberspace, ironically, as this is posted on an Internet blog, check out the Slow Food movement. A simple idea that suggests slow-cooked food as a mechanism of renewed social interaction and vigor (and tasty eats) -- www.slowfood.com All of the world’s problems can be solved with slow-cooked pork. ;-) To the vegetarians and vegans who will read this, tolerance should be found in all places.