Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Letter from blue whale tribe

In the cold depths we have traveled throughout the ages, while your kind is a recent development.

For many years the creatures of this earth have flourished by their own means, but now your dominance is slowly exterminating us all.

Our ancient songs have always been filled with the knowledge that all creatures receive the life blessings of water.

The toxic products of your wealth are poisoning the life-giving waterways covering our earth.

Learn to be rich in spirit and devoid of possessions.
This is the way of the Spirit of Life.

Our thoughts stretch back in time beyond the humans' obsession with self and have found that within the irony of paradoxes are their answers found.

Now you stand upon the brink of ecosystem crash and the irony is that while you have the capacity to reason us back into balance, you allow yourself to be blinded through the obsession with reflections of self.

Self-obsession is the paradox you face.

Should you choose to blind your reason, the creatures that cannot adapt to the chemical changes will die off and those that can will mutate accordingly.

Humans have brought significant changes and may cause a system-wide crash of life on earth, all the while retaining the solution of their salvation in their heads.

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