Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happiness & Fear

Fear takes many shapes and ranges across all emotions. Fear management is crucial to happiness. Much fear is learned therefore it is necessary to put your fears on trial.

Fears embed around discomforting scenarios. Much discomfort surrounds the resonation of love in your life or lack thereof.

The security of love you feel is related to the total amount of fear present in your life.

Insecurities about the love present in any scenario dogs your every emotional step with some measure of fear.

The mystery of life is contained within every living being as a definitive set of parameters in the face of moments devoid of answers. Life is a question begging to be answered by those capable of forming questions.

For any answer there are some limited possible questions that fit the bill.

The face of Infinity is the Universe's Brain setting up the parameters of life as we sentient beings know it.

In an unusual mystery, our logical capacities are set free to choose our path through life, meaning that seemingly unlike a lot of other Earth living beings, humans can go against their natural survival mechanisms.

Let not choice limit the number of possible questions and the possible number of answers will increase.

Underneath the flesh and hidden with the cell walls exists an Imperative permeating the boundaries of life.

Juxtapose the internal Imperative of Life and the exterior lessons in order to find true happiness.

Remember: happiness is found in moderated action!

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Andrew said...

Your post today is very timely for events occuring in my own life. Beautiful picture of Amalia. On all counts, thank you for sharing.