Monday, October 22, 2007

I Ching for day fifteen

Zhen:Thunder over Qian:Heaven = Great Strength

Gather power with the help of teachings, tactics, willpower and determination.

Maintain a noble character and you will enlist many to the cause. Your strength has grown but it is not yet time for battle. A victory gained through force will short-lived, just as the echo of thunder in the sky quickly fades.

Whether or not you are aware of your surroundings, an army is growing. The discontent is palpable. Balance must be and will be restored.

It does not matter your allegiance to rigid beliefs, when your spirit of life is on the docket. Letting someone else choose your fate proves your cause a sham.

Clarify your purpose were you to clarify your mind. Free yourself from the unnecessary burdens of men who deal in shadows by not giving away your power to their hyper-exploitative corporations.

Gather your strength and you will find a great army building. Your willpower manifests through the clarity of your intent. Seek the path of nobility along the path of integrity.

Find freedom, find happiness, find great strength.

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