Monday, October 22, 2007

I Ching for day sixteen

Gen:Mountain over Dui:Sea = Decrease

Dispense with bad habits and you will gain unexpected profit.

Mountains should be high and the sea should be deep. Restrain your anger, suppress your longings and take no action without careful thought.

Today while talking with our family counselor, it became clear that I must concentrate upon the appropriate measure of increase and decrease in my every thought and action.

The journey dictates the need and thus I must meter my worldview to accommodate the lessons of the moment. Balancing reduction and gain is crucial to maintaining the warrior's path of integrity.

To dispense with destructive habits is no easy task and yet is a cause worth being sought.

Your sanity is the measure of control you have over your destructive compulsions; maintaining its health ensures a longer, more free existence.

In humble admission and the subsequent eradication of bad habits, unexpected profits may appear as universal gifts bestowed upon the faithful.

The warmth of my lover's embrace and the sweet smell of her skin remind me that it is time to decrease, time to discover my subtlety and my finesse, time to crowd out bad habits with good ones.

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