Friday, October 26, 2007

Democracy is failing: a treatise

Due to governmental failure, a fatal flaw in the United State's ideology of democracy has occurred.

If the government is here to serve the interests of all, then any way it knowingly facilitates the financial gain of a select few, either corporate or private, is in direct conflict with its claimed modus operandus.

An efficient government is an effective government. The government has lost operational efficiency by becoming unwieldly and over-burdened. It employs too many people and is broke.

A government should be light and efficient, responding quickly and effectively to the call of its people. The government should employ highly intelligent leaders who know how to trim the ranks through the removal of all broken or unnecessary lines of communication.

A true democracy employs officials who don't rely on the opinions of lobbyists because they themselves are out there surveying their districts, taking polls to the people and giving power to their voices.

The point of electorate terms of service is to make sure the office is performing at its best. The corruption of politicians to corporations results in a perpetual infusion of election capital ($), through which they can remain in office to reap the rewards of certain kickbacks.

The treasury of the government should be able to pay for any necessary travel during the elected official's service terms, meaning that anytime a corporation pays for travel, the elected official should be charged with treason.

Sound too harsh? Consider that the corporation has no reason to sponsor a politician unless it wants him or her to pass or affect the passing of legislation in its financial favor. Therefore the intention is always biased; and by allowing the corporation to court the governmental official, he or she has committed treason by allowing a leg up to a select few individuals over the majority of voices.

Treason is disloyalty to the will of the people through subversive behavior. Corruption is by nature subversive and disloyal to the cause of democracy.

The signs are clear.

The unwieldly nature of a government who commit hundreds of billions to a war started under the guise of WMD's, while there exist schools on its own soil who cannot afford the tools necessary to learn.

The way corporate business has been allowed to run rampant across the countryside while small independent businesses fold under the pressure of cheap imports.

The pollution of resources through relaxed standards is tantamount to subsidized poisoning.

Democracy is failing in its current form and the problem lies in the lack of clarity surround its intent. Is democracy here to protect its citizens’ freedom through the endorsement of a few?

Since the government seems unable or unwilling to educate its masses about the state of its corruption, we are thus responsible if it fails to protect the freedom of the masses from corporate take-over.

The hyper-exploitation of resources at home or abroad via corporate behavior is unacceptable and threatens to wipe out all diversity, in order to fulfill the financial satisfaction of boardroom investors.

Hyper-exploitative behavior seeks to remove required resources by any means necessary. It is the government's job to pay attention to the necessities of its people, not the necessities of a corporate boardroom.

The government must allow small independent businesses the same rights and privileges it allows corporations, because corporate interests are poisoning our food, water and air, thereby limiting our rights to pursue a healthful life.

Your dollars matter. Where you spend your dollars dictates the life and death of a corporation. Unfortunately at this stage, cheap imports have eroded the value of your money, but your patronage can make a difference. Corporations who are allowed to toxify the environment must die from the lack of our collective patronage.

In this way, we the citizens, spark an economic fire under the businesses who are protecting our best interests. Those whose manufacturing and sales procedures respect the natural balance of the available resources and seek to leave no damaging traces in the ecosystem.

Your patronage matters and your voice matters.

Your education and the education of your fellow citizens is crucial to the volume of our collective voice through the strength it gives to your decision making process.

The amount and type of information your brain receives is crucial to the patronage of your mind into action; meaning, beware of advertisements asking you to buy products made through questionable business practices.

You must educate yourself about the goods you purchase lest you endanger your health directly or indirectly.

You must find your voice because our democracy is failing, leading us to certain doom.

Make no mistake, the control of international resources under the guise of diplomacy will not go unnoticed forever. Our seas are being fished to extinction and we extract sludge from the earth to power the machines of industry and progress.

There are not a lot of happy notes out there because as resources dwindle, the machines of money and progress must become more aggressive to maintain their profit margins.

We are at a crucial time where at some point our patronage will no longer be able to save us and as our ecosystems crumble, our well-being will crumble.

Now our monies and our collective voice must turn back the tide of political corruption and sever destructive corporations from our eyes, ears and veins.

We must turn away from petty wars of greed and pride and face the fact that all our futures are intertwined. We must face the fate created over the span of human history.

The human obsession with individuality leads to delusional worldviews in which the human mind reasons that resources are not finite and that actions have no consequences.

Humans are only here by the grace of the Sun and the blessings of Mother Earth.

Poisoning the land, water and air to improve the financial margins is despicable behavior of the
ignorant mind.

Consuming resources at non-sustainable rates is a deliverable death-warrant issued to the ecosystems which sustain human life.

These are all things which the government should be monitoring and controlling for the sake of its people.

We must join together to steer our fate away from the brink of destruction. We must collectively take the helm of our government.

Politicians are our employees and must follow the directions of our collective voice.

Businesses live and breath through our patronage. We should evaluate the business practices of all those who receive the lifeblood of our monies. Collectively we can choose which businesses are allowed to live and which businesses must die.

The lambs find strength in their unity.

Are you a lamb or a lion?

Will you speak up?

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