Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Ching for day seventeen

Qian:Heaven over Zhen:Thunder = Honesty

Let the seeds develop in their own way. Nothing can be forced to grow in a hurry.

My culture epitomizes the get _____ quick philosophy.

It is a shame that most humans are too wrapped up in desire, to recognize the ill-side-effects of such actions.

The religion of my youth, Christianity, has sold their seeds of faith to corporations.

Hear me now, no matter your beliefs, buying goods whose manufacturing poisons you or your neighbors water, soil or air, is the equivalent of spitting in God's face.

To knowingly spend wages of labor on products which require the hyper-exploitation of precious, finite Earthly resources is hypocritical to any theology that values life, and is just sheer madness.

Let the seeds develop in their own ways...the natural, organic way ordained by the celestial lights.

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