Monday, October 22, 2007

I Ching for day fourteen

Kun:Earth over Qian:Heaven = Peace

Come together with others without envy, just as heaven blends with the earth.

The high and the low mingle, majesty and humility share a mutual respect. The surface of the earth rises and falls just like the ups and downs of life.

Waking up late next to the warm skin of my lover, the coffee tastes sweeter and the bacon more savory.

As the sun pierces the crisp October air, I let my spirit rise and fall on the breeze. Silencing the inner voices, I find myself free to follow the birdsongs and my lover's sighs.

It is constantly astounding that when allowed to speak, Nature exudes a wisdom far more relevant than the incessant drone of society.

When it is your turn to face Infinity, all the indignation you can muster will not alter the course of your death.

Peace is scarce in a shrinking world and therefore must be championed at the sake of your dignity.

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