Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I Ching for day two

Qian: Heaven over Qian: Heaven = Heaven

Celebrate the Sun, the Earth, Health and the beginning of the Universe.

The dragon is hiding. Cultivate your own moral character and wait for the right moment in which to act.

No one can hold an over-filled bowl without spilling its contents.

Oh these words strike ever truer chords within my breast. All vessels have a maximum volume.

It reminds me that humans are simply vessels filled with the spirit of life. Some have more, some have less; but no matter the amount they are meant to be filled to the brim.

Be vivacious but remember the dragon is hiding. Talking less and breathing more, I must patiently wait for the right moments to act.

Tis the beginning of another work week and I must be on my toes evermore to maintain today's lesson. Be firm yet understanding, work efficiently and with diligence and try not to make too many mistakes! :)

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