Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I Ching for day three

Kun: Earth over Kun: Earth = Earth!

Follow the earth's example being humble and virtuous. The earth is soft and yet it is strong. It nurtures a myriad of creatures.

Uphold justice but act gently.

This morning started off with a late start as I overslept my alarm by hitting the kill switch instead of the snooze! Sometimes these rapid starts are good for the getting the blood flowing, but often things are left undone and I am left a bit unprepared to face the day.

"Be humble and virtuous, virtuous and humble," I chant throughout the day. Running around I feel a subtle shift in my awareness as the day progresses.

Snapshots are taken in time of birds flying through my vision. A hawk cruising across a raised road, only inches from the pavement. A crow's silhouette against a smoke filled sky. Each image became like an anchor, a timelessness etched in a racing world as my little green Tacoma raced amongst the vineyards of Sonoma and Napa.

Taking a moment to stretch my legs, I pluck a single Pinot Noir grape from one of the bunches left behind this harvest. Its sweet, soft middle is a stark contrast to its tannic skin, oh the beauty of a good glass of Pinot shared amongst good company fills my future I can tell!

How easily we humans forget that Mama Earth sustains us with her bounty. We think we are all high and mighty in our concrete jungles and yet all our flamboyant gestures come to naught without the Earth's natural goodness to sustain us.

It is up to the current generations to uphold justice for Mama Earth through gentle actions upon her stature.

Virtuous and humble, oh my!

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