Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I Ching for day one

Kun: Earth over Sun: Wind = Ascendance

Following the tree's example, grow slowly and gather good deeds from below so that they rise up to perfection.

Today I mountain biked to the East Peak of Mt. Tamalpais after a week of sub-par health. My breathe was ragged and my legs fatigued due to my previous inactivity and the sun beat down heavy upon my head. The feeling of the Earth under me kept me balanced and half-way up the mountain I felt a breeze clearing out the heat radiating from the sun-baked trail.

I thought of the trees, steady and unabashedly reaching for the sky. Growing slowly they gather nutrients from earth and display them in a time-worthy fashion. I could learn from them.

Looking out from the mountain top sharing a moment with friends, I could sense a worldwide ascension of the soul. The time is becoming ripe for my generation to take the helm and set a new course for our world. We are rising and must be willing to learn from nature. The stalwart trees stand as legions of royalty against the pressures of time, much can be learned from their efficient examples.

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