Friday, October 12, 2007

I Ching for day five

Li:Fire over Dui:Sea = Separation

The fire blazes upward and the water surges downward. This points to a divergence of views. Avoid uncoordinated actions originating from different wills.

There was much confusion in my mind surrounding this reading as I had specifically asked about my guilt. I was suspicious of my intentions and my guilt crippled me.

After twenty some odd hours filled with work, sex, live theater, public transportation and hot & sour Thai soup, this card begins to sink in. I have been crippled by my guilt and therefore am not free to let my spirit soar.

I must allow due separation between my spirit and my guilt. They are not the same.

I must avoid uncoordinated actions, which is to say I must continually strive for coordinated actions surfacing from the will of my spirit. The spirit of life may be filtered or abused but its intentions remain true.

I am seeking a guilt-free alignment of my actions and my spirit of life, in order that I may live more fully and more freely.

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