Saturday, October 13, 2007

I Ching for day six

Kun:Earth over Li:Fire = Obscurity

Clear a new space if the place surrounding you is not favourable.

The Sun has sunk below the horizon and its brightness is lost. It is a difficult time: you had better keep a low profile and stick to your principles. Do not put your trust in people lightly, but also do not lose your faith.

Is the space around me not favourable?
What should I clear away?

There is darkness around me, it is a difficult time. My fellow humans seem to be more interested in who won American Idol than the fact that they willingly ingest carcinogens through their ignorance of chemistry and corporate practices.

Cure for cancer? The only cure for cancer is the non-absorption of carcinogens. Cancer is a symptom.

A nation lost in the fog of a war started under false pretenses.

You had better keep a low profile, stick to your principles. Find the truth that doesn't tarnish. Remove the filters around you, is this space favourable to your spirit of life?

Never lose faith in those untarnished threads of truth spun into your spirit of life, but reserve your trust for those whose actions funnel truth.

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