Sunday, October 14, 2007

I Ching for days seven & eight!

ZHEN:THUNDER OVER Dui:SEA (two days straight!) = Wedding Maiden

The thunder cracks over the sea for two days straight and I am to think of a Wedding Maiden?

Hmm, must be something here to look at...

Treat each event as the marriage of a daughter.

The wedding of a maiden is the most important event in the world. It is just like a union of heaven and earth, without which life cannot continue.

Obey the Spirit, upholding its moral ways: speaking impeccably and modestly...the most respectful of words enlivens the spirit within your breast.

Amidst the thunderous clouds flashing lightning over the sea, i can hear the sweetest voice whispering. It reminds me to treat all events with the reverence and blessings bestowed upon the marriage of a daughter.

The lightning streaks across my mental landscape according to the neural network in my skull. I suspect it does so in your mind as well. Oh the storms brewing in my skull have found growing unrest in the politics of our time.

It is hard for me to keep track of all the attacks on our freedoms. The White House must think this war is a joke. Are you serious?

Painful as it is to remember that this war was started because Sadaam Hussein had WMDs, it is helpful to recall the warning signs of a war started under false pretenses.

The stench of spoiled political offices has been rising for far too long. Our telephone calls can be routed through mainframe computers searching for prescribed keywords anytime your government sees fit.

I forgot, is our government meant to uphold our freedoms or not? It is not for the government to squelch the voices of its populace, it must protect the cleanliness of its political offices from corruption and follow the democratic majority of its citizens.

Before we can clean up the toxic byproducts of manufacturers, our government must stand up for our freedoms by restoring the hallowed nature of a political office. These are supposed to be individuals who will hear your voices and stand up for your freedoms amidst the voices of other districts.

And yet to maintain my balance, I must strain to hear the benevolent voice of the maiden's wedding amongst the thunderous peels ringing over the sea of my mind. A mighty task in times like these.

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