Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Ching for day eleven

Li:Fire over Zhen:Thunder = Biting Through

Enforce the law and apply it the right way.

Thunder shakes evil from below while fire examines both good and bad from above. To bite cleanly you must remove sand, stones and bones before you can chew and swallow the food.

Be sharp-sighted, using both kindness and intimidation. Be sure you do not wrong an innocent person or let the guilty go free.

Find decisiveness in your actions by following the path of Integrity.

A warrior's integrity leads him or her to dance in the face of Infinity, on Death's doorstep.

The path of Integrity must constantly be sought after in order to reach your maximum you. Stop the internal chatter propping up your world-view and let the you-you out!

Inner silence clarifies a warrior's path and allows the essence, the spirit of you to emerge and enliven your existence in this space and time.

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