Monday, January 7, 2008

Twin Towers

Ancient remains of a culture stamped out by a more consumptive one.

Terrorism is not a new concept and the United States is founded upon it.

The United States of America was originally founded upon limited suffrage, a restriction upon certain citizens, of which its most ancient have almost no voice.

The political parties have been infiltrated with traitorous lobbyists who seek financial gains at the cost of the state.

The state must recognize and purge itself of such traitorous connections unless it seeks anarchy.

As the state lends ear and legislative pen to lobbyists representing environmentally damaging business, it willingly threatens the well-being of its citizens.

Unless the business holds a state-sponsored monopoly, the natural check to such negligence is the citizens' right to patron such businesses.

The Republican/ Conservative camp holds meetings to discuss the best polarizing issues to foment the Christian majority.

Question to all you former or current Christians out there: Would Jesus shop at Wal-mart?

Where does it say that Jesus would buy cheap, plastic, potentially harmful products from low-wage international labor?

The Christian majority has been duped by the "Conservative" politicians, because the Bible I read as a child talked about humans as stewards of the Earth not resource rapists.

Christians have been blinded with $$dollar signs$$. Since when did Jesus allow moneychangers into the church? See HERE!!

Never underestimate the power of greed.

For all you non-believers out there, Jesus advocated praying in secret to God because hypocrites loved public prayer. see the Book of Matthew, Chapter 6 HERE

A true pastor would shepherd his flock toward inward pursuits.

The path of truth lies in the scientific truth behind the construction of the world and its juxtaposition in our minds.

Lies cloud the senses and distort scientific reality.

The Liberal view of science proves logically baseless without predetermined cause.

The opening of the science of the body to the causal necessity of the mind clears the channels of truth thereby enlarging total perception and improving chances at happiness.

Lest the "liberals" forget, happiness is something to be sought after and fought for. Happiness is more than a calculation.

Morality exists as a a series of choices between and/or possibilities that maintain a will to survive.

Morality lends "good" and "bad" as cataloging terms to categorize all threats to survival. Strings of moral decisions are more survival-oriented while strings of immoral decisions are less survival-oriented.

The moral pattern of and/or decisions catalogs a system of "positive" actions versus an infinite sea of possibilities across some time measure, thereby tending to higher positive rates of survival.

Due to the biological and ecological inter-connectedness of all existence on Earth, it is safe to say that life's hold here is a delicate balance at best.

Morality is a simple series of respectful beliefs in action. Respect is a set of boundaries observed. Lack of respect leads to lower rates of survival.

All behavior sends out waves across ecological lines, determining, in portion, the fate of the whole system.

Humans are the ultimate paradox of life on Earth.

Give them a spark of knowledge just bright enough to light an internal journey but let them free to choose their individual fates. Thus, the will of humanity is crucial to the survival of the species.

In prolific times such as these, the simple, direct consequences of dirty overconsumption are often overlooked and avoided at the cost of respect.

Burdened with the blessing of knowledge, respect builds on moral paths and boundaries are courted.

Burdened with disrespectful lies, humans claim they need things simple, that they can simply not think about the thoughts of nagging inconsistencies in the conscience, the moral memory bank.

It is within the boundaries of respect that humanity must look before it pollutes and rapes mama Earth's life-sustaining resources beyond their limits.

With primary defenses consisting of opposable thumbs and enlarged brain to body mass ratios, humans have survived quite well; but excessive means of prosperity may lead to the downfall of species.

Resolve to stick to the truth for yourself and only yourself. Carry the burden of inner knowledge with respect for the balanced nature of its existence and humanity may avert the Hopi prophecies of
devastating war.

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