Sunday, May 17, 2009

lust o' Arjuna

Topically, it occurs to me that our sexuality has not come to terms with its power.

Throughout history humanity has struggled with how to handle lustful urges. Like most things it has always been an issue of control versus freedom. Restrained ways of the past gave birth to revolution in the sixties. And now some believe they can achieve a transcendent mind through sex and sex alone.

Returning to reptilian brain impulses and quieting the integrated higher minds is in direct contradiction to our evolutionary increase in brain size and thought complexity.

The fulfillment of sensory gratification carries psychological and physical consequences.

Conclusions drawn through repetitive behavior induce habituation which can promote greater understanding or introduce confusion.

Sensuality must be liberated from base sexual desire fulfillment; it has been mislabeled too long, usurped by those with only baseless lust in their eyes.

We are all sensual, it is a function of our species which provides us feed back between our inner and outer worlds. Sniff. Touch your toes. Close your eyes. Listen to the music.

Being sensual is matter of exuding confidence and need not result in action.

In the future fit, happy people will exude loads of sensuality but will restrain their passions. This will be their success because history has taught them that respect of proper boundaries yields transcendent awareness.

Set loose from repressive conceptions, sexually liberated individuals will live passionate lives in dedicated relationships. Like a delicate flower love awakens in the soul of lifelong lovers. Sacred communion requires significant time and effort and yields exponential soul growth.

Be not deceived by lust for anything. Awaken through moderation, the harder
but higher road.

Communally the higher road less traveled must become a vast highway traversed by we the happy all.


Jeremy Wade Shockley said...

Well said my friend!!


Jeremy Wade Shockley said...

Well said my Friend!!