Saturday, April 28, 2012

which came first....

feature or manifestation?

Was it the multitude of forms manifested or their features which came before?

....or was it neither?

the nearly synonymous nature of the feature-manifest relationship makes it hard to tell if they exist separately or are two sides of the same coin.

without idea, does or can form exist?

what changes the game is truly the perceiver

it is within the act of perception that a formulated feature takes specific manifestation.  

therefore across the spectrum of perceivers available at any given moment, a singular formulated feature could take a myriad of manifestations.

question is whether formulation must necessarily beget form.

from a vedantist perspective the formulation is eternally existent while all manifestations are time-bound.

it is the mental perception of an eternal feature which breeds form into existence.

so time needs eternity and eternity needs time; both are consequential to the other.  two sides of the same coin. why does the coin exist? 


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